5 month follow-up….Repeat CT results!

My 3D CT scan was October 5th and Thursday I had my follow-up with Dr. Ellis to discuss the results.  My appointment was at 8am, so I had to leave home by 6:45am….it was an EARLY day for me (but I was able to make it in to work by 10am).

Dr. Ellis came into my exam room around 8:30am.  He apologized for being late, but he said he was comparing all of my scans and images.  He asked me how I was doing and what my current symptoms were.  He had me get up on the exam table and moved my leg through ROM.  He asked a few very specific questions about my leg in flexion.  Yep, that’s were my problem is (especially sitting)!  He then took me out to look at my scans (I wish I would’ve taken a picture of my 3D images, but my mind was elsewhere!).  He explained what he thought was going on.

He feels that I have an extra-articular impingement.  That means my Iliac Spine is sticking out further than it should be and it’s getting in the way during flexion.  He also thinks that there is likely some scar tissue and adhesions that are causing problems.  We went back in to the exam room and he broke the news to me that he feels I need a revision to remove the excess bone and clean up the scar tissue/adhesions.  So, my revision is scheduled for December 22nd!


(not my scans….I took this from a powerpoint presentation on AIIS)

So, for the next 66 days I am going to allow myself to do what I can tolerate because I’ll be down for the count again come December!


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