So, last night I decided I needed to go for a run.  My PT and surgeon said that since I’m going to have surgery again, to go wild and do whatever (as long as I can deal with the pain).  I decided to run my ole faithful 3 mile route.  I ran intervals (1:15min run/1min walk).  It went really well.  I felt great….actually ran an average of 12:19 pace.  I was really happy with it. I was wicked stiff last night, but surprisingly not miserable.  Halfway through the day today I started limping and walking much slower!  I hope to get a few more runs in before my surgery on 12/22.  I may even run a local Thanksgiving 5k (the Sunday after Thanksgiving).  I love running and have really missed it…here’s hoping I can back to regular running after this next surgery!!!




So, last Wednesday I flew to Dallas, Texas to visit my best friend.  The 2.5 hour flight aggravated my hip.  I had to increase my pain meds while I was gone.  Luckily my friend and I have a fairly low key long weekend.  We did spend a good chunk of Thursday at the Botanical Gardens.  I got a camera for myself for my birthday and my best friend is a phenomenal photography….so I was having her teach me as much as she could in a few hours!  We can have fun doing nothing….it was just good to see her and hang out!  I flew back on Monday (my 32nd birthday).

DSC_1075 DSC_1180

I had a Dry Needling appointment first thing on Tuesday morning!  I honestly thought I was doing pretty well… PT thought differently….and once she started working on me I agreed!  I was a hot mess!  She said she needles me more than she does anyone (more needles in one session).  My muscles were ANGRY.  We got some good twitch response from the pectineus and a few other muscles (I have a nice bruise today to show for it).  She did deep tissue work after needling and then we heated my leg.  OMG was I sore the rest of the day and today.  It was bad enough to cause a limp!  I was once again reminded, yes, I do need surgery.  We’ll continue to dry needle every other week until surgery.  T-minus 48 days.  I’m starting to panic!  I have a lot to do at work to get ready again!!!