So, last night I decided I needed to go for a run.  My PT and surgeon said that since I’m going to have surgery again, to go wild and do whatever (as long as I can deal with the pain).  I decided to run my ole faithful 3 mile route.  I ran intervals (1:15min run/1min walk).  It went really well.  I felt great….actually ran an average of 12:19 pace.  I was really happy with it. I was wicked stiff last night, but surprisingly not miserable.  Halfway through the day today I started limping and walking much slower!  I hope to get a few more runs in before my surgery on 12/22.  I may even run a local Thanksgiving 5k (the Sunday after Thanksgiving).  I love running and have really missed it…here’s hoping I can back to regular running after this next surgery!!!



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