13 days and counting…!

I had my pre-op appointment today with Dr. Ellis’ office.  I worked a partial day and then headed off to Columbus.  Since I’m having a revision my trip to Columbus was a little abbreviated.

My appointment with Dr. Ellis’ PA was at 1pm.  I got right in and met with Tiffany.  The goal of today was to sign my consent and answer any questions I had.  I got my new packet….new (but same info) packet, new PT orders, and new prescription for handicap placard.  I signed my consent and then asked Tiffany all my questions.

My biggest question was in regards to how long I would need to be off this go round….I was hopeful it would be shorter than last time (11 weeks).  Of course it all depends on what they actually find, but Tiffany told me to plan for the 12 weeks.  She said if they shave off the extra-articular impingement, recovery is similar to labral repair.  So, it’s hard for me being a very left brain planner to just go with the flow.  After meeting with Tiffany I got an early Christmas present (NOT) of a new hip brace.  They started using these about 2 months ago to help limit hip motion and save the muscles.  I’m not looking forward to it!

Next I headed over to Dublin Methodist Hospital for my pre-admission testing.  I didn’t do this at Dublin for my original surgery, I had my PCP do an H&P to save me a trip.  Since I had to go up anyway I just went to Dublin this go round.  So, this appointment consisted of weight, BP, pulse ox, temperature, neck measurement, lab work, medication review, and talking to a physician for clearance.

It’s getting real now….I am down to 8 days at work and 13 days until surgery.

Time to wrap present and get things packed up and ready for Christmas.  December 22nd is going to be here before I know it!


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