The other side…

So….today was surgery!  I have made it to the other side.  I’m now at home icing and resting.

My adventure started last night.  The hospital was supposed to call between 3-7pm to let me know what time my surgery would be today.  I carried my phone around all day at work yesterday….no call.  My mom had reserved a hotel room in Columbus because if I had Dr. Ellis’ first surgery (like last time) then I’d have to arrive at 5:45am and we didn’t want to make the 1hr 15min drive.  If we wanted to cancel it we had to do so by 6:30pm…..and they didn’t call until 6:50pm… we went ahead over to Columbus.  Arrival time of 8:10am.  So, since we were in Columbus we hit up Easton to look for a pair of shoes mom wanted to give to my sister for Christmas, but no luck!  So, we went to get Montgomery Inn for dinner (we went there last time too!).  Ribs and Saratoga chips make a great last meal before surgery!!  After dinner we ran to Meijer to grab some throat lozenge’s and stretchy shoe laces.

I showered with my CHG soap and were in bed by 11pm, but I didn’t sleep.  I typically don’t get anxious, but I must have been anxious internally!  “Woke up” at 7am to shower with CHG again.  Then we were off to the hospital!  We were taken up to surgery and directly back to my room.

I got weighed and peed in a cup for the wonderful pregnancy test (don’t worry- not pregnant)!  The anesthesiologist came in and had me sign his consent and looked in my mouth and asked a few questions.  Next I changed in to my stylish gown and yellow slippers.  Dr. Ellis started using CHG wipes as well.  So, I had to use those prior to changing!  The nurse checked my temperature, pulse ox, and BP (which was wicked high…darn white coat syndrome – I really didn’t feel nervous, but my body said otherwise).  IV time was quick interesting.  The veins in my hand are apparently really hard to fine.  She did it on the 1st try, but said that was the only one she was placing so…BE CAREUL!  I got my nausea patch and 2 pain pills.

After all that fun we waited for surgery time!  Both my parents were with me in the pre-op area.  So, we chatted and watched some Today Show.  Dr. Ellis came by around 9:30am.  He walked in saying “LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT”  I replied with, yes we’re doing my left leg!  He did an impingement test to make sure my symptoms hadn’t changed.  We discussed what his plan was (and that it might change once he got in there).  The OR nurse and nurse anesthetist came in next and I got some Versed, I said Goodbye and love ya to my parents and we were off to OR.  I transferred on to the OR table and the nurse anesthetist put the mask on my face and told me it would smell like a beach ball and to think of my favorite beach and I was out!  The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery.

I was in a pretty significant amount of pain.  The nurse gave me some meds…but it took two doses of IV meds and then she gave me some oral vicodin.  She brought me some ice chips, gingerale, and pudding.  My parents came back and after I started feeling better I changed and we head back home!  I’ll share more of what he did after my 2 week appt.  Dr. Ellis talked to my parents, but I don’t have all the specifics yet!

We stopped and got lunch once we made it back to Dayton and brought it back home.  We got my ice machines (yes plural) set up and I took a Diludid and fell asleep.   I am having some kind of reaction to something they gave me and started benadryl to help reduce the itching.  It has helped!  I slept most of the afternoon.  Here’s hoping I can sleep tonight.

I think that about covers the highlights of my surgery day!!



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