2 weeks post-op

I had my 2 week post-op appointment today.  I met with my surgeons PA Tiffany and his PT Dave.  Tiffany removed my stitches and answered all my questions….!  Yes, tramadol can keep you up at night.

Then I met with Dave, Dr. Ellis’ PT.  Overall he is very happy with my progress!  We discussed what I’m doing in PT currently and he made some suggestions and additions to my therapy plan!  He wants us to stop passive flexion ROM and log rolls.  He thinks it’s irritating my hip because of the swelling from the extra-articular impingement.  He also wants me to add Butterflies and Prone Knee Bends.

Both Tiffany and Dave agree that I should remain off work until my 6 week appointment and then we’ll reassess at that point.

I forgot to ask Tiffany for my images and operative report, so I asked his scheduler and she was able to print it off for me!  Now I have more questions than before!!!!

From what my parents told me Dr. Ellis put 3 anchors in to stabilize the labrum and removed the extra-articular impingement from the iliac spine.  But now I have way more questions than before.  The op report says I had a labral tear from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock (my original tear was from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock- and Dr. Ellis put in one anchor) and Dr. Ellis placed 3 anchors.  This area of the labrum was also hyperemic.  So, I have lots of questions for Dr. Ellis at my 6 week appt!

After reading the operative report I am amazed that all of this was done through 2 small incisions on my hip!  It’s so crazy 🙂


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