6 weeks=my kryptonite

Six weeks post-op is proving to be my kryptonite!  For some reason my body doesn’t like 6 weeks!!! My flare-up after my original surgery happened at 6 weeks and starting last week my pre-op pains have reared their ugly head again.  Everything started after PT last Thursday and has progressively gotten worse over the past few days…..sitting is causing pain again :-/  I had retired the crutches and have only been wearing my brace when I’m out in public and walking more than a short in a store back to the car (ie- grocery shopping, etc), but I started to grab the crutches a few times over the last few days. Needless to say I am VERY anxious for my appointment with my surgeon on Thursday.

I was really hopeful that this revision surgery was the answer to me getting back to the activity level I had before my FAI/AIIS drama started…..but if I’m honest….I’m scared.  I’m scared as to what these “pre-op” pains mean.  I keep telling myself not to over-think it and wait and see what Dr. Ellis says…..but I am a worrier and try to process and analyze all avenues before I am presented with them so I can be prepared.  I was hopeful that I’d be cleared to go back to work at least a few partial days a week….but knowing that I am not as far as I was after my first surgery….and he had me off for 11 weeks after my first surgery….I am not anticipating being cleared to return yet!

I had PT today and luckily, my PT was able to talk me off the deep end before I lost it.  I’ve been at the same PT office (for different issues) for over 5 years so they know me well.  Wendy knew immediately that I wasn’t ok and I was on the verge of having a breakdown.  Overall, I am scared that I won’t be able to get back my desired activity level.  We changed up our plan of attack this week in preparation for my appointment with Dr. Ellis.  She put me on heat as we talked through my symptoms.  She decided we weren’t going to do the bike or any other exercises until I see Dr. Ellis.  She said we’d do some ROM, manipulation and she check some other things as well as dry needle the heck out of my leg…..which she did!  She has started using larger needles and different angles to see if it will make a difference!  I can tell you I noticed a difference, lol.  Holy twitch batman (and holy brusing, lol).  I am so thankful for the PT office and how much they care about me getting better and back to my desired activity level.

So many what ifs….I am impatiently waiting for Thursday to come!


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