6 week follow-up

Yesterday was a crazy day for me!  I had PT with my local PT first thing in the morning (7:30am).  We continued on our limited treatment plan until I saw Dr. Ellis.  She did some mobilization and once again dry needled the heck out of my leg!

I then headed to Columbus for my 6 week appointment with the surgeon in which I very anxiously waiting for….!  Needless to say it didn’t go as I had anticipated.

I first had an appointment with Dave, Dr. Ellis’ PT.  We discussed my symptoms and he manipulated my leg through complete ROM.  He was very happy with my ROM, especially my straight flexion.  He was able to cause symptoms with internal rotation.  He watched me walk and noticed I still have a limp.  We discussed my current therapy plan and exercises and he was very pleased.  He said he wouldn’t change a thing in regards to current exercises/plan of care.  He suggested we hold off on increasing to weight bearing exercises until I am able to complete all ADL’s without causing pain (basically a pain free day).

After I saw Dave I had x-rays.  They completed a series of three x-rays.

Third and final part of my fun in Columbus…Dr. Ellis!  Can I just start off by saying how much I love Dr. Ellis?!  He is so compassionate and caring and really takes the time with his patients (you never feel rushed with him).  He had already talked to Dave, but he wanted me to describe my symptoms for him.  He then took me out to look at my x-rays/images.  He showed me my six week post-op x-rays from my original surgery to compare with the one’s they just took.  He showed me the AIIS and what he shaved off.  He did remove a lot of bone (left only enough for the rectus femoris to attach to) and that is why my straight flexion is so good.  We then headed back to the room for Dr. Ellis to manipulate my leg.  He was very happy with ROM and didn’t think my hip was causing my problems.  He started testing a few other things and then he thought I could potentially have a sports hernia.  He wants me to see a specialist in Columbus (Dr. Leff) to rule out the sports hernia.  He said that while we wait we could try a predisone taper and see if that helps with my symptoms.  If it helps great, if not we’ll have the process to see Dr. Leff started.  He then asked me if I had any other questions (which of course I did :)).
-Did he find an actual tear/how did that happen?!  He said that it was technically a tear, but it was more of an unstable area that required additional anchors.  He said it was very red and inflamed and pulling away from the socket.  He felt that I had scar tissue that was compressing the labrum every time my femur hit the AIIS.
-What about hip popping/clicking?  He’s not concerned.
-What about swimming?  YES!!!!  Just no aggressive kicking!
(I think he knew how badly I needed some type of activity!!!)
-Work?  When can I return?  What about going back PT?  Definitely not yet (and Dave agreed with him).  He said I need to be off 6 more weeks.  He wants me to see Dr. Leff and then see him again before he’ll clear me to return to work.

I started doing some research last night about sports hernia’s and FAI.  It’s pretty common.  I found some articles on PubMed and starting reading up so I can be more knowledgeable…I also shared them with my PT and she and I will talk about it more at my next appointment on Tuesday.  So, I started the prednisone today.  I’m working with Dr. Ellis’ Care Coordinator to coordinate an appointment with Dr. Leff as soon as possible and then I’ll see Dr. Ellis again.  I did go swimming today….which was amazing for my mood (I was really starting to get down)….it’s amazing how much working out helps me!!!

Articles I found (I’ll add more as I do further research):




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