Hernia :-/

So,  I am very thankful that I have found amazing PT’s and surgeons….the only problem with being surrounded the best is that they are typically right, lol!  Dr. Ellis was right again!  I was really hoping he was wrong, but he is wickedly smart so I should’ve prepared myself a little more.  I am so very lucky that Dr. Ellis followed through on his concerns and that he has connections with other fantastic (and wickedly smart) specialists.  When I called to get in to see Dr. Leff, his earliest “new patient” appointment wasn’t until the first/second week of March (I’m on a tight time table due to approved leave for work).  I called Dr. Ellis’ office back and they were able to work their magic and get me in sooner.  Dr. Leff fit me in this morning in between surgeries (he had a cancellation).

I was very impressed with Dr. Leff.  He reminds me a lot of Dr. Ellis.  They are both very kind, compassionate, and take the time with their patients.

I’ve been through a lot over the last 8 months between two hip surgeries and lots and lots of PT.  So, needless to say I’ve become pretty desensitized to being examined, poked, needled, etc.  But I can say this appointment made me feel a little awkward.  After getting a very detailed history of my hip drama over the past year, Dr. Leff started his exam.  He had me stand up and (this is where it got awkward for me) pull my pants/underwear down to my knees so he could push on my abdomen, inguinal ring, etc.  He also checked my adductor/pectinius muscles.  He had me pull up my pants and lay down on the exam table.  He checked my right (good) leg for ROM and adduction.  He then gently did the same on my 7 week post-op left leg.  He was able to find my painful spots (and my very tight adductor).

At that point he said he thought I did have a hernia and wanted to do a lidocaine injection to see if he could get the area to relax and allow the hernia to “pop” out.  He left the room and came back in with a giant syringe and needle.  (Pants back down) He did surface injections around the area first to get the area to numb and then he started injecting deeper…..weirdest sensation ever!  The next thing I noticed was my whole leg (down to my knee) was numb.  Dr. Leff wanted me to just hang out for 10 minutes to allow the area to relax.  He left to go see another patient and then peeked in to check on me to make sure I was ok and could still wiggle my toes before he ran to pre-op to see his next surgery patient.  After about 10 minutes he was back.  And guess what….the hernia did “pop” out.  He feels it’s likely 40% sports hernia/60% inguinal hernia.

So, basically that means I need surgery (again :-/).  He started filling out the pre-op surgery paperwork and I stopped him briefly, just to see if he knew anyone in Dayton who he would recommend.  I obviously would prefer he does the surgery, but because I work for a hospital in Dayton and Columbus is out of network I had to ask.  He doesn’t know anyone…..so, my next question was how quickly could he get me on his surgery schedule…?!  I only have 5 more weeks of approved leave….so if we’re going to do this we’ve got to do it quickly.  He said he could get me in quickly.  He finished asking about medications (and what to stop ASAP), allergies, H&P, etc and asked if I had any other questions.  Then he was off to surgery and said his nurse would be in to schedule my surgery.  His nurse came back and then took me down the hall to Dr. Leff’s scheduler.  We looked at his schedule and she is able to get me in next Wednesday (exactly one week).  It’s outpatient.  He’ll repair the hernia and do an injection into the adductor.  Here’s hoping that this is the final answer and fixes all my remaining issues!!!!

Update: Thursday…..it took ~24hrs for me to get feeling back in my leg (weirdest 24 hrs)!  Now I can’t believe how sore I am.    I had to stop the Mobic and all my other over the counter medications today…..Tylenol isn’t going to cut it!  I tried a hot bath with epson salts tonight….holy soreness batman!!!  This is going to be a long week.


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