Missing my mobic….

So, I had to stop all over the counter medications and NSAID’s after my appointment with Dr. Leff last Wednesday in preparation for surgery tomorrow.  I didn’t realize how much relief I was actually getting from the mobic.  Mobic is an anti-inflammatory medication (Naproxen) that also prevents bone regrowth.  Dr. Ellis prescribes it for 6 weeks post-op (but writes for refills up to 3 months).  I’ve been on Mobic almost the entire time since my first surgery (minus a month or so) because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  The pain and feeling of fullness is off the charts.  Tylenol is not cutting it.  I am so ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is surgery day.  Dr. Leff plans to do a laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair with adductor exparel injection and needle tenotomy.  He feels that I have developed some of the compensatory changes of a sports hernia with left adductor tendinopathy.

After talking about this in depth with my PT and doing a lot of research….this is the best possible course.  My PT is very happy that he is going to do the needle tenotomy.   We’ve been doing dry needling regularly, but this will be more intense- the area is repetitively needled to disrupt pathological tissue and induce bleeding. This turns a non-healing chronic injury into an acute injury with enhanced healing capability.  And to quote my PT, “So basically they are going to shoot you up really good and needle the heck out of the tendon, like dry needling to facilitate healing.”

I had PT this morning (my last visit for 2 weeks).  We have cut back on exercises, but today my PT did some strength tests to know where I stand before I get cut into again.  She wanted to know what my hip can handle now.  We did bird dogs and she tested my core so she will know what to focus on post-op.

Just got my phone call about surgery time….arrival time 8:30am with a planned surgery time of 10:30am.   We are going to wait and go to Columbus tomorrow morning rather than tonight.  I don’t sleep well the night before surgery anyway and would prefer to sleep in my bed one more night.  I’ll head up to my ‘rents tomorrow morning and we’ll leave around 7am.  More to come after surgery!


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