Day 2 Post op

Not much to report today.  I’m still in a good amount of pain, but getting in and out of the recliner is getting easier.  I will say that the incinsional pain is worse.  I’ve slept a lot today.  I thought I would’ve been more exhausted yesterday being my first full day post-op, but today I didn’t get up until 10am and then I took a two hour afternoon nap.

I did take a shower…not the most pleasant experience, but I feel better.  My appetite is better today.  I have eaten more today than yesterday and the Senokot and Colace did there job!  I’m still icing regularly.

I called Dr. Leff’s office to schedule my follow-up appointment.  They have been very accommodating for me because I am driving up from Dayton.  His nurse is fitting me in to see him in between surgeries since I’ll already be in Columbus to see Dr. Ellis.  She didn’t want me having to drive up again.  I really appreciate this!!!

That’s about it….!


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