1 week post-op

I’ve made it to a week post-op.  It has been harder than I expected, but I am getting a little better each day.  I am still staying at my parents house and haven’t done much other than sitting in the recliner and watching Netflix.

I still get pain when standing and sitting upright, but each day I can tolerate a little bit longer each day.  I haven’t been able to taper the ibuprofen/tylenol.  I thought I would be able to drive at a week post-op, but not being able to tolerate sitting upright has prevented that.

I am so sick of sleeping in the recliner.  I so badly want to sleep on my side or stomach, but I can’t tolerate the pain.  For the last two nights I have started out in bed (it was nice to try and lay flat), but I didn’t last.  I ended up in the chair around 2:30am.

My post-op hip has really started to bother me.  It has been very achy, stiff, and sore.  I’ve also had some sharp pains right over the femoral vein (like pre-op).  Walking up stairs is difficult.  Being that this is my third surgery on this hip in less than a year I am very paranoid.  I messaged my PT last night for reassurance.  She said it all needs to rest another week and I should be ok in the long run.  She keeps telling me that the third time is the charm….that this time it worked.  I told her I don’t have her optimism yet, but I’m hopeful.

So, I have one more week until I see Dr. Ellis and Dr. Leff.  I need to get a copy of my surgical report to take to Dr. Ellis, since I see him before I see Dr. Leff.


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