First outing…

Last night (day 9) was the first time I’ve left the house since my surgery. I needed to run by my house and get the mail and water my plants and we were going to grab dinner whilewe were down that way. We went to go to dinner and there was a 45 min wait, so we put our name in and the ran over to Cosco because my mom needed one thing (and I’m the one with the membership). So, we went in and I waited at the registers while they ran to get what she needed. We were in and out very quickly, but mom told me I was walking very funny.
We headed back over to the restaurant and got seated very quickly.  Sitting upright is still very difficult. I kept shifting and couldn’t get comfortable.  Our waitress was not very attentive so we ended up sitting way longer than we needed to.  I was beyond ready to go by the time we left.
Next we ran by my house and then headed back to my parents. The car ride wasn’t bad because the seats are reclined more than a restaurant.
Sleeping is still a challenge. I have tried to sleep in bed a few times, but I don’t make it. All I want to do is sleep on my side. I have tried everything to try and make this possible (propping pillows all around me,  in the recliner, etc) without success. So, I’m back to the chair for awhile.
I am going to try driving today (since I need to go in to work on Monday) and run a few errands so mom and I can batch cook for the week for when I go home tomorrow.
I see Dr. Leff and Dr. Ellis on Wednesday…..!


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