Today was my follow-up with my orthopedic surgeons office, but first I’d like to celebrate being cleared to ride outside.  Yesterday was 70 degrees, but windy. I took advantage of the only nice day in the 10 day forecast and went for a short ride.  My hip handled it awesomely!!!  I can’t wait for this weather to improve so I can get out and ride some more!


Moving on to the main event!  I met with both my OS’s PA and PT today.  I ran into Dr. Ellis on my way to my treatment room.  He and I chatted for a few minutes and discussed my progress. He is very pleased and happy for me….I got a fist bump from him too!  After talking to Dr. Ellis for a few minutes his PT came in.  Overall, he is very pleased too.  We discussed what I’m doing in therapy locally, he watched me walk (fast and slow), and checked ROM/strength.  We discussed the next steps in progressing and what I need to be able to do to start spinning/elliptical and eventually running.  He signed off and said he didn’t need to see me again, but was available if I needed him.

Next I saw Dr. Ellis’ PA, Tiffany.  She had already talked to Dave, but wanted to see my progress for herself.  She did some of the same ROM/strength test that his PT did.  She also watched me balance and squat on one leg.  She said to keep up what I’m doing and they’d like to see me one more time in 3 months just to make sure that I tolerate the increase of activity.

Overall…..it was a happy day.  It was the first time I walked into Dr. Ellis’ office without a long list of questions/concerns and walked out of there with a feeling like I’m really making progress to getting back to the activity level I desire!!!

I finished out my day at my local PT’s office.  It was a typical visit of hands on therapy, dry needling, exercises, and ice.


Back to work, back to reality

I meant to write this earlier in the week, but I lost track of time and was pretty exhausted.  My plan was to return to work half days, but as usual things didn’t go as I planned.  I think I worked about six hours each day.  Things went better than I anticipated, but I was sore and exhausted. I limited my walking a lot and  I tried to keep my steps around 5,000 each day.  I spent the rest of my time in my office trying to catch up from the past twelve weeks!

I had PT before work on Tuesday and Thursday.  We discussed potentially needing to switch to afternoon sessions because PT wears me out before I even go to work.  We are keeping with the passive aggressive treatment plan for now.  Lots of upper body work.  We did start bird dogs on the stability ball and modified bridges on the stability ball.  We restarted the reformer.  We are starting to increase activity, but it’s going to be a long road.  We dry needled my butt at both of my sessions this week.  That is where I am noticing my pain from the increased walking at work.  We had one of the largest twitch responses I’ve ever had on Thursday.  It about made me jump off the table, but I instantly noticed relief!  We’re going to have to focus on my lumbar spine a little more this week because it’s starting to really bother me.

Here’s to another week!  Slow and steady wins the race!!!

3 weeks/11 weeks

3 weeks post op hernia repair & 11 weeks post op hip revision

This has been a week of me trying to gain some endurance in preparation to return to work next week.  On Tuesday it hit 75 degrees in Ohio, so I picked up my 3 1/2 year old nephew from daycare and we went to the zoo for a few hours.  We had a good time and it was good to get out and enjoy the weather.  After walking around the zoo my butt hurt so badly.  My glutes are being used because I don’t have the strength in my other muscles yet!

Today at PT was interesting!  I started out on the bike for 8 minutes.  Then we dry needled my glutes (I have never wanted someone to stick a needle in my butt so badly!) and quad.  After needling we went out the gym to check my back and pelvis….surprise surprise I was a hot mess!  This created a challenge because the typical way to correct this couldn’t be done because of my hip/hernia surgery.  My PT was able to creatively fix it!  Yay.

Next my PT decided that since we weren’t “technically” allowed to start rehab until 4 weeks that she was going to “passively aggressively” rehab me.  So, she worked my shoulders with the body blade, punch-outs, rows, and other monotonous exercises until I was unable to move my arms.  I was exhausted!!!  Last thing was ICE!  My favorite.

After PT I had to go by work for a few hours and by the time I got home I was exhausted….next week is definitely going to be a challenge!  I have to be very cautious not to overdo it!!!

Day 17

I am now 17 days post op inguinal/sports hernia repair.  I can’t say I’m back to 100%, but I’m finally starting to feel more like myself.  Each day since surgery has been a little bit better than the day before.  I can finally sleep on my side and stand longer than 5 minutes at a time.  I went to physical therapy on Thursday (day 15) where we did very gentle “therapy.”  We did scar mobilization to prevent scar tissue from forming and gentle massage (skin raking) to help reduce swelling.  We started pelvic tilts and abdominal bracing to start activating my abdominal muscles.  We also dry needled my glute med to try and prevent the adductor tendinopathy from returning .  Lastly, I finally got back on the bike for 5 minutes!

One more week off until I return to work.   My goals for the week are to increase my endurance.  I will go back to work half days for the first week, but it’s going to be a huge change in what i’ve been doing for the last 11 weeks.  I’m looking forward to the 60-70 degree weather this week!  It will be nice to get out and walk in spring like weather!

Surgeons appointments…

I saw both Dr. Ellis and Dr. Leff today.  My goal for today was to figure out how we are going to progress with therapy with my 10 week post op hip revision and my 2 week post op inguinal/sports hernia.

First appointment was with Dr. Ellis.  Dr. Ellis was at the front desk when his nurse was taking me back to my room.  As we walked past him I said hello and kept walking with his nurse, but he stopped me to ask if Dr. Leff found a hernia….his nurse jokingly said she’s your next patient if you’d like to come to her room.  We all laughed and he came to my room.  He came in and we discussed what Dr. Leff found and he read the surgical report.  My biggest question for him was rehab.  He watched me walk and said I’m restricting my extension (due to post op pain). He went and grabbed Dave (his PT) and we discussed what my rehab should look like.  I asked about treadmill…..definite no go!  In his opinion I can start the elliptical at any point (slowly…starting with 5 minutes with gradual increases).  Then for dad I asked about sailing…he is fine with me sailing this summer.  We discussed me returning to work in a week.  He said to take it slow and easy.  He wants me to see Dave and Tiffany in 4 weeks to re-evaluate where we are with therapy and how we can progress.  (I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE Dr. Ellis)

I then headed over to Riverside to see Dr. Leff.  He was fitting me in between surgeries so I didn’t have to drive up again.  He came in and checked my abdomen and had me turn my head and cough.  He was very happy with my progress.  I asked about the pains I’m having.  I still have the pressure/fullness and he thinks it’s related to my adductor compensation and will take time.  All my other pains and sensations he said he isn’t concerned about and will improve with time and rehab.  I wasn’t able to ask all of my questions and I’m still confused by what he wants me to do in regards to rehab (he mentioned a specific Sports Hernia Protocol that I tried to find googling, but couldn’t so I’ll call the office tomorrow for clarification).  In regards to sailing…he said I could, but my core is very weak and hiking out could be a challenge.  He doesn’t need to see me again unless I need him.

I am allowed to walk and start the bike.  No core exercises or swimming until 6 weeks.  I will start PT up tomorrow….gentle PT.  I’m just excited be doing something!

We’ll see how I do with activity progression!

Weekend update

The weekend came and went and I think I may have overdone it.  Saturday started out slow, but then my mom and I went out to run a few errands.  I got the opportunity to drive and it went well.  We ran to the local amish meat market, grocery store, and one other stop to pick up yarn so I can finish the scarf my mom wants.  We then headed back to my parents.  I rested for a bit and then we made a few meals so I’d have food for the week.  I got a new kitchen toy (Instant Pot- electric pressure cooker) and we made two dishes in it and then a pot of soup all in less than 2 hours.  I really like the Instant Pot!!!  The rest of the evening was spent in the chair crocheting.  I slept in the chair again Saturday night.

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  I wanted to get out of the house because it was almost 70 degrees out (in February)…it was also wicked windy!  We’ve been watching a lot of HGTV while I’ve been off so we decided to go walk around a local antique mall.  About half way through I was really hurting.  I told mom we were going to have to leave soon.  We picked up our pace a little over the next 4 rows and then hit up this gold mine of old barn wood, doors, and other fun things in the back of the mall.  Mom wants to make a cool table out of reclaimed wood and we found some great pieces.  She and my dad will go back and get it this week.

We headed home because I was exhausted.  Mom made grilled cheese and we ate the gumbo we made the day before.  We then packed up my stuff and came back to my house.  I am so thankful for my parents (especially my mom) and all they did for me over this last recovery (and the previous two as well).  I enjoyed the company and was thankful, but I was ready to be back in my space.  I slept on my couch until about 3:30am and then I was back to the chair.

I had to go in to work today for a few errands and I was EXHAUSTED.  My stomach hurt and I just didn’t have any energy….I think I overdid it over the weekend….and today too!  I don’t have to do anything until Wednesday afternoon…so I’m just laying low in my ice machine until I see my surgeons!!!!!!