Day 17

I am now 17 days post op inguinal/sports hernia repair.  I can’t say I’m back to 100%, but I’m finally starting to feel more like myself.  Each day since surgery has been a little bit better than the day before.  I can finally sleep on my side and stand longer than 5 minutes at a time.  I went to physical therapy on Thursday (day 15) where we did very gentle “therapy.”  We did scar mobilization to prevent scar tissue from forming and gentle massage (skin raking) to help reduce swelling.  We started pelvic tilts and abdominal bracing to start activating my abdominal muscles.  We also dry needled my glute med to try and prevent the adductor tendinopathy from returning .  Lastly, I finally got back on the bike for 5 minutes!

One more week off until I return to work.   My goals for the week are to increase my endurance.  I will go back to work half days for the first week, but it’s going to be a huge change in what i’ve been doing for the last 11 weeks.  I’m looking forward to the 60-70 degree weather this week!  It will be nice to get out and walk in spring like weather!


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