Today was my follow-up with my orthopedic surgeons office, but first I’d like to celebrate being cleared to ride outside.  Yesterday was 70 degrees, but windy. I took advantage of the only nice day in the 10 day forecast and went for a short ride.  My hip handled it awesomely!!!  I can’t wait for this weather to improve so I can get out and ride some more!


Moving on to the main event!  I met with both my OS’s PA and PT today.  I ran into Dr. Ellis on my way to my treatment room.  He and I chatted for a few minutes and discussed my progress. He is very pleased and happy for me….I got a fist bump from him too!  After talking to Dr. Ellis for a few minutes his PT came in.  Overall, he is very pleased too.  We discussed what I’m doing in therapy locally, he watched me walk (fast and slow), and checked ROM/strength.  We discussed the next steps in progressing and what I need to be able to do to start spinning/elliptical and eventually running.  He signed off and said he didn’t need to see me again, but was available if I needed him.

Next I saw Dr. Ellis’ PA, Tiffany.  She had already talked to Dave, but wanted to see my progress for herself.  She did some of the same ROM/strength test that his PT did.  She also watched me balance and squat on one leg.  She said to keep up what I’m doing and they’d like to see me one more time in 3 months just to make sure that I tolerate the increase of activity.

Overall…..it was a happy day.  It was the first time I walked into Dr. Ellis’ office without a long list of questions/concerns and walked out of there with a feeling like I’m really making progress to getting back to the activity level I desire!!!

I finished out my day at my local PT’s office.  It was a typical visit of hands on therapy, dry needling, exercises, and ice.


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