Another drive to Columbus!

As I said in my last post…I’m paranoid.  This last 18 month has been a challenge and I want to learn from all of it.  I wanted to cover all my bases, so  I made an appointment with the general surgeon who fixed my hernia.  I just wanted to make sure I don’t have one on the right side.  My appointment was at 8am so I had to leave home early to avoid traffic and make it on time.  Luckily, the sunrise was absolutely stunning  this morning (this is the view from the parking garage)!


The good news is that he doesn’t think I have a hernia on the right side, “yet.”  So, we proceed with the current treatment plan and then go from there.  He did say I will likely need a repair on the right at some point in my life.  He thinks the pain I described is coming from my still weak core and hip.  I’ll be honest, I don’t feel completely reassured after my appointment, but I think that is because I know how my body has responded on the left.  I do trust him and appreciate his honesty.  So, fingers that all I need is a hip arthroscopy on the right!  I guess time will tell!

My next drive to Columbus will be in 3 weeks on my 33rd birthday (November 2nd) for my pre-op appointment.  Surgery in 34 days.


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