The Joy of Dry Needling

Today was my last PT appointment before surgery.  The PT office has become my family.  Today’s visit was sorta bittersweet.  We talked about the next time I’d see them I’d be on the other side….back to the ole hip brace and crutches.

The majority of today’s visit consisted of getting needles shoved in various parts of my body.  I have a secret love for dry needling.  In the moment it may be uncomfortable, but the relief afterwards is worth the pain.  I think I am the only patient that requests more needles!  My PT planned to needle my glutes and hip….but I had other plans!  My left calf had really been bothering me, so I asked her to needle it.  The calf is the worst place to be needled in my opinion.  She knows that if I ask for her to needle my calf then it’s really bothering me!  After that I asked her to needle both adductors.  When they are tender to the touch when you shave you know that there are lots of trigger points.  She was afraid I would get needle fatigue and hate her from all the soreness.  My calf was wicked sore most of the day, but other than than everything else felt a lot better!

Pre-op appointment is next Wednesday and surgery is 17 days.  I think I am still in denile, although I am trying to get myself organized and collect the things I’ll need post-op!


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