Pre-op Appt

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and my pre-op appointment in Columbus.  My appointment was at 2:30pm, but they wanted me there at 2pm.  I worked a half a day and left right after lunch.  Since it was my birthday my mom decided to join me on the trip to Columbus.  My appointment was very uneventful.  They had called the previous day to ask about my medications and ask a few other questions.  I don’t understand why they needed to do that, but oh well!  When I got there they took my blood pressure, temperature, and pulse ox.  I was taken to a room and a nurse and phlebotomist came in.  The nurse started going over all my medications with me again (grrr) and the phlebotomist started drawing blood (5 viles!)!!!  My doctor checks vitamin d levels, comprehensive metabolic panel, glucose, and HgbA1c.  The nurse continued through my medical history (most of it was in the system from my last pre-op appt prior to my last surgery).  After she completed everything the doctor came in.  He asked a few questions, listened to my heart/lungs, and discussed when to stop certain medications/supplements.  When he was done the nurse came back in and gave me the CHG soap and I headed out.

Next stop was Dr. Ellis’ office.  I had to get my brace switched to the right side.  I probably could’ve figured it out, but it was much easier to have them do it!  It only took 5 minutes and I ran into his PA as I left and was able to ask her a few questions I had thought of since I last talked to her.

After all my “pre-op” appts were completed my mom and I decided to go on an adventure around Columbus….and to me that is finding some of my favorite eats!  Jeni’s Ice Cream was a must!  It was so good.  We ate Jeni’s as we walked around Easton (an outdoor mall).  Next we went to World Market to search for stocking stuffers.  After that it was time for dinner!  Where else to go but Schmidts in German Village.  We got the buffet and then I got a cream puff to go for dessert later (they are known for their cream puffs).  Overall, it was nice to get out of work early on my birthday even if it was to go to appts!  I’m down to 1 week of work left and 10 days until surgery!  As much as I’m in denial….it’s starting to get real!


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