DIY Sock Aid

A lot of bloggers recommend using a sock aid post op.  They aren’t expensive, but I found a picture of a DIY aid on pinterest and decided to see if I could save myself the money.  Verdict: I think it will work (especially since I made it through 2 previous surgeries without one).

What you’ll need:
1L bottle
Duct tape
Yarn, twine, or string

Step 1:

Cut the top and bottom off of your 1L bottle

Displaying 20161106_160855.jpg

Step 2:

Cut down the center of the bottle and remove approximately 1-2 inches (depending on the width of your foot

Displaying 20161106_161110.jpg

Step 3:

Tape the edges with duct tape


Step 4:
Hole punch the top corners


Step 5:
Add string/yarn (and I duct taped the rest of the bottle because it was sticking to my foot)


It worked pretty well….

20161106_163402       20161106_163416

To get the sock on the rest of the way I bent my leg to my butt and pulled it over my heel!  All for $0.99’s!  Not to bad.


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