Getting ready

Reality is starting to set in!  Being that this is my third surgery I know what to expect.  I am trying to prepare a little each day so by this weekend when I need to take everything to my parents I’ll be ready.

Since this is my right leg and I can’t drive for 4 weeks, I’ll be staying at my parents longer this time.  I want my house to be ready for when I do come back.  I won’t be up to laundry/cleaning, etc.  That is why I am working all my house chores done this week!

I am also working to get everything packed…..I tried to put them in to categories.  I’ll update it more as I think of other items!

Food: Coffee, crackers

Medical:  Bandaids (for sensitive skin), Tylenol, throat lozenges, Aspirin (if that is what is prescribed for blood clot prevention), Senokot

Clothes:  Comfortable pants/Shirts/Sweatshirts, compression shorts, workout clothes (for PT)

Things to do: Yarn (for crocheting), Kindle, Coloring books, laptop, Netflix

Hip related: Brace, crutches (crutcheze pads), ice machine (w/ 8 oz water bottles)

Other: String bag, Coffee mug/Water bottle (that seal completely), elastic shoe laces, body pillow, slippers, ace bandages

Hospital bag: Throat lozenges, chapstick, drivers license/insurance card, compression shorts


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