Surgery Day

Today was surgery day!  The surgery center called on Friday to tell me my surgery time was at 1:45pm and I needed to arrive at 12:30pm (of course NPO after midnight).  I was Dr. Ellis’ first case for my first surgery, second for my second surgery and 4th (last) case today.  Hopefully that means this was my last surgery with him.  I really like Dr. Ellis, but I’m over having hip surgeries every 6 months!

Yesterday morning I finished packing and brought the majority of my stuff up to my parents house.  I then went back to my house to  spend one last night there because I was hoping I’d sleep better in my own bed.  I had to shower with the CHG soap last night and this morning.  This morning I packed up the remaining items and my dog and headed to my parents. We had to leave their house for Columbus at 11am.

We got to the surgery center at 12:30pm.  I filled out the billing paperwork at the front desk and then they called me back.  I had my height/ weight taken then we filled out more paperwork..she had to record when I last took my supplements/medications and I had to sign the consent (since I didn’t go to a pre-op appointment at Dr. Ellis’ office).  Next, I peed in a cup for a pregnancy test (surprise, not pregnant), changed into a gown, put my hair in a cap, and socks on my feet.

The nurse then took me to my pre-op bed.  She got my vitals.  She gave me pre-op pain meds, placed the nausea patch behind my ear, and then got started on my IV.  Since I’d been NPO since midnight I was very dehydrated and my veins were hard to find.  She missed on the first stick in my hand and then she tried again (with success) in my wrist.  After the IV was hung she started Decadron (steroid used for reducing inflammation), Tylenol, and then fluids.  She then had to clean my right hip with additional CHG soap.

The anesthesiologist came in to discuss the anesthesia.  They then brought my mom back with me to wait.  Dr. Ellis came by to see if I had any questions and to mark my leg.  I made sure he was planning to remove the intra and extra articular impingements!  We laughed that I really like him, but I’d prefer this to be my last surgery on my hips!  Then it was time to say goodbye to my mom.  At about 1:40pm the OR nurse and nurse anesthetist wheeled me back to the surgical suite.

On my last two surgeries they pushed Versed before I was wheeled back so I don’t remember a whole lot about the surgical suite, but this time they didn’t push the Versed until I was in the room on the table a few minutes.  The Top Gun soundtrack was playing when I was wheeled in.  They had me move over the the traction table.  As soon as I was on the table two nurses grabbed my feet (one on each side) and started getting my feet into the traction boots.  They wrap your feet with big foam cushions and then wrap them tightly with coban sticky tape.  They switched my BP cuff to the right side so that every time the blood pressure cuff when off it wouldn’t stop my IV.  At this point the nurse anesthetist started the Versed.  He had me breathe deeply through the mask and I was out!

I woke up in PACU at about 4:30pm (surgery took 2 hours) shivering and in a pretty good amount of pain.  The nurse pushed some pain meds and then went and got me a warming blanket that constantly blows warm air through it!  It was magical!  I ended up needing 3 doses of pain meds to get my pain down to where I could tolerate it. The nurse got me some gingerale and I had crackers I brought (since I know they make you eat something before you leave and I have too many food sensitivities).  The nurse helped me get dressed and then had my mom come back.  She went over the discharge instructions with my mom and then I was ready to go home.  She gave me a oral pain medicine for the drive home.

My mom went to get the car and the nurse wheeled me out.    We hit a little bit of traffic (rush hour in Columbus) on our way home, but nothing to bad.  We stopped at McAllister’s to grab dinner.  I spent the rest of the evening in the recliner with my ice machines.  I was in and out of sleep. Overall the day was successful.  Now it’s recovery time!


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