Ice Machines

Many people ask if it’s worth it to rent GameReady machines.  I rented one for my first surgery and LOVED it, but it was $350 to rent for 2 weeks.  When my second surgery came around I couldn’t justify the cost again.  I wanted to have an ice machine, but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg.  So, I started searching online to see what other options were out there.  The one thing that I liked about the GameReady was the compression feature.  In my searching I found the Cothera VPulse Ice Machine.  It is a dual featured ice machine with compression sleeve and the optional calf compression sleeves too.


I started watching a few on Ebay.  I started bidding on a few and finally won a bid for on for $95.  I had to buy the hip sleeve for $70.  So for $165 I have an ice machine with compression.

At my 2 week pre-op appointment for my second surgery I found out that the Hospital  provided an Donjoy Iceman as part of the surgery cost.


I’ve been using them both and it works very well.  I use 8 oz water bottles to fill the Donjoy…it works better than having to continually fill it with ice.

All this to say that there are other options than the GameReady.


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