1 Week

I can’t believe it’s been one week since my surgery.  Today was my first PT appointment since surgery.  It’s been 3 weeks since I was at the PT office.  I’ve been going to PT regularly for 2 years (and off and one since 2009), so they’ve all become family.  I’ve missed them.  Today was the typical easy PT visits.  Lots of circumduction, prone props, prone knee flexion and lymphatic massage to reduce swelling.  I caught up with all my favorite PT’s.  Then my PT packed me in ice.  Overall my PT was very happy with my gait and overall presentation.  Of all my surgeries (she’s treated me for one other hip surgery and the hernia surgery and her husband treated me for my original hip surgery) I look and feel significantly better this time.  She even asked me how many weeks post-op I am because I look closer to two weeks than one week post-op in her opinion.  I’ll find out from my surgeon next week what they actually did…but for now I am going to say that some of this is related to the arnica montana and staphyagria that I used for the first 24 hrs after surgery to help with surgical wound healing.

After PT my mom and I headed to the grocery store to pick up groceries for Thanksgiving.  I am typically the main cook for Thanksgiving so I am going to need extra help this year from my mom!  The grocery wasn’t as busy as I expected, but I did get a lot of fun looks for my brace and crutches….I even got hit on by an older grandfatherly gentleman.  After the grocery we picked up dinner and headed back to my parents.  And back to the recliner, ice machines, and crocheting for me (I have a deadline on the mittens for my sister’s student…..I told her I’d have them done by Thanksgiving).


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