Day 9 & 10- Thanksgiving

The last two days have included many Thanksgiving festivities.  Yesterday (Thanksgiving Eve) started with me in the ice machine.  I am typically the one to do most of the cooking for Thanksgiving, so I knew this year was going to be difficult!  My sister and nephews showed up around 12:30pm and we made lunch.  After lunch it was time to start on the pie baking.  Thanksgiving for our family is only 7 people (my parents, 2 nephews (4 and 18 months), sister & brother-in-law)…..but we made a total of 9 pies.  My nephew really enjoys measuring and stirring, so he likes to help. My sister is the expert pie crust maker (she says it’s the only thing she can do without screwing up), I make the filling, and mom bounces around helping everyone and doing dishes.  We made 2 Kentucky Derby Pies, 2 Pumpkin Pies, 1 Cushaw Pie, 1 Apple Pie, and 1 Chocolate Silk Pie.  Well the pies were baking I worked on making dinner and starting to prep for other side dishes.  After dinner we ate 1 of the Kentucky Derby  Pies for dessert – so we made another one.  My mom and I were up until 1am finishing up pies and prep work.  Although I was sitting a lot with my leg propped up I was on my leg too much and I think I overdid it.

I headed up to bed (my sister was sleeping in the same room with one of my nephews).  I couldn’t get comfortable and my hip hurt so I came downstairs to lay on the couch.  Around 4am I decided I needed my ice machine.  I limped upstairs to get ice and then hung out in the recliner with the ice machines until my 4 yr old nephew came downstairs around 7am.  He cuddled up with me in the recliner and we watched Rusty Rivets until his mom and brother got up.

My mom had put the turkey in and the egg casserole we had prepped the night before. So, once everyone was up we had breakfast.  After breakfast we hung around and played with the boys.  There wasn’t much left to prep except for the stuffing.  When it was time to put the stuffing in the oven I headed upstairs to prepare it and got yelled at….my mom really didn’t want me overdoing it!  She said if I went and prepped it that was the only thing I was doing today.  I’m glad I did because it was the best stuffing we’ve had in years!  Everything got done on time and we ate around 1pm.  We hung out and ate lunch, pie, and then played with the boys.  I didn’t do as much today, but I did end up in the ice machines again for a few hours tonight while watching Christmas Hallmark movies.

We may try and brave the Black Friday shopping tomorrow afternoon after all the crowds have dispersed some…..we’ll see how my hip is feeling tomorrow, but I’m excited for the new Gilmore Girls episodes that come out tomorrow 🙂


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