Black Friday- Weekend

I spent the morning in the recliner looking at all the Black Friday deals and completing my Christmas shopping.  My mom and I decided to go out and hit some of the Black Friday deals.  We weren’t out long…..we went to Menard’s, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.   We didn’t buy much and most of the stores were very quick ins and outs, but it was nice to be out.  We used my handicap placard and the stores weren’t crowded at all.  The main thing I was looking for was yarn to make a scarf and hat for my sister (her request to go with her new jacket my mom is getting her for Christmas).  We also were looking for a new vanity and fan for my house.  I thought there would be Black Friday deals….and I was WRONG!  It was nice to get out, but I was tired and sore when we got home.  I iced while we watched another Hallmark movie.

Saturday was fairly similar.  I needed to run by my house to pick up a package that was delivered.  After that we ran a few errands and then ended up at McAllister’s for lunch.  When we were leaving I was stopped by the lady sitting at the table behind us.  She asked me if I had hip surgery.  I was surprised she actually knew that my brace was for my hip, typically people think I had knee surgery.  I told her I had and she told me she was having hip surgery in December.  As the conversation continued I found out that she is having FAI surgery on her left hip with my surgeon and is seeing my PT too……small world!  We chatted until my hip hurt from standing.  I gave her some tips and reassured her that Dr. Ellis is fantastic and she’ll do great.  She was just happy to see someone walking at 3 two and a half weeks post-op.

By today (Sunday) my hip is sore and swollen.  I have absolutely NO plans, except sitting in the recliner with my ice machine.  I’m also attempting to finish our family calendar, but the Snapfish website keeps crashing on me!


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