I just realized that I hadn’t written an update!  Even though I’ve been off for 6 weeks this week between Christmas and New Year’s has me all thrown off.  I don’t know what day it is …. at least I’ve made it to all my appointments!

So, I last wrote after my PT appointment last Friday.  I’ve been taking it easy and icing a lot. I have two days left on my steroid taper and had my steroid injection on Tuesday.  I think the steroid taper is helping.  The pain is better, but not gone.

I had my ultrasound guided steroid injection on Tuesday with a different doctor than had done my previous two.  He did more diagnostic imaging prior to my injection.  He looked at my hip first, which he said was inflamed (to be expected), next he looked at my iliopsoas which was also inflamed, after that he double checked for a tear in my glute med and looked for a hernia, luckily both of those were negative.  After the diagnostic imaging he completed the injection.  He told me that if the injection into the joint doesn’t work then he could always try and do an iliopsoas injection if my surgeon wanted him to.  I emailed my surgeons PT to see what he thought, but they have been off all week so I haven’t heard back from him yet.

Today I had PT with a different PT because my usual PT is on vacation.  I’ve seen this PT before and like him.  Because I’m still inflamed he took it easy on my.  He did joint mobs, circles, and all that jazz.  He needled the crap out of my leg and it is wicked sore tonight!  He didn’t want me doing my exercises….he said he wants me to continue to keep things like and easy.  I iced and then left!  His next patient after me was also an FAI/labral patient!  It’s been interesting to see others in the clinic with the hip brace on….makes me feel like I’m not alone in this!

Here’s to another week…..I hope this inflammation goes down soon!  Happy New Year.



PT Appointment

After my appointment with the surgeon I was feeling a little bit better that we at least had a game plan….that was until I went to PT on Friday.

There are pros and cons to going to the same place for PT for 7 years….they get to know you, but you also get to know them!  On Monday I could tell my PT was holding back about how concerned she was.  I asked her about it at my appointment Friday.  She said the word that keep repeating through her head was “revision.”  She said she dare not speak it because any thing she thinks could happen with me does!  She was happy that my surgeon prescribed a steroid taper and injection!  I told her that my dad was able to use his connections to get me in on Tuesday 🙂

My PT worked on my hip and then took me to the needling room.  Once she got working on it she commented that my hip looks way worse than it did Monday (and it didn’t look good Monday….so that wasn’t even the slightest bit reassuring)!  I had a HUGE reaction from one of the trigger points that twitched so severely it reacted all the way down to my ankle!  I am anxious and taking it easy…lots of ice and meds!

Oh AND….I am not allowed to swim yet!  Nothing until my hip calms down!!!!!!!  Sad day for me.  Hoping that it calms down soon.

6 week check-up

So, today I had my 6 week checkup (I really only 5.5 weeks, but my surgeon is off next week).

Let’s back-up to the last time I wrote…I was anxiously waiting to see my PT last Wednesday.  When I saw her, she told me not to hit the panic button yet.  She spent a good portion of my appointment needling me to try and work out the trigger points.  That helped for about 24 hours, but then the pain came back.  I was glad that my next appointment with her was Monday!  I was miserable by Monday.  We needled again and did stabilization exercises.  She knew that I was going to see my surgeon today.  I could tell she was concerned, but she wasn’t specifically voicing her concerns.  When you’ve been with the same PT for so long, you start to pick up on  what they are thinking.  At my 2 week appointment with my surgeon’s PT he told me if I was still doing well to cancel the appointment.  When I mentioned this to my PT Monday, she said to definitely keep the appointment with him!  After she needled me, I could barely walk.  I was so sore!!  I almost had one of the aids go get my car because I didn’t know if i’d make it!

Fast forward to today.  I was super anxious driving to Columbus today.  I was so hopeful that the third time was a charm and my recovery was going to go smoothly, so this was definitely not the way I wanted to be at my 6 week appointment.  I was running all the scenarios through my head the whole way there!

My appointment was at 1pm.  I arrived a few minutes early and grabbed my one crutch (yes, I can’t seem to wean off of it!) and balanced a tin of peppermint fudge that I made for my surgeons team and then I headed in to see what is going on!  First off, the front desk staff was wicked excited about the fudge.  We headed to the exam room and I talked with my surgeons MA.  She marks the clipboard for the PT and surgeon with either a smiley face or a sad face based on how the patient is doing.  I was so excited to get a smiley face at my 2 week appointment because I rarely get them….and today I got a sad face!  Pretty sad 😦  Next, my surgeons PT came in the room.  He looked at me all shocked and made a comment that I was doing so well 3 weeks ago and asked what I did?!  I explained everything.   My pain is still in the outside of my hip and had migrated to the groin too….but the weird thing is that my pain happens at rest (sitting, standing, laying down) and can’t be reproduced by any action.  He agreed with my local PT that it sounded like my joint so he had me jump up on the table, but my physical exam didn’t produce any pain.  He was officially stumped.  He checked a bunch of other test….nothing triggered anything he could pinpoint!  He decided to see what my surgeon thought.

My surgeon came in and said he’d talked to his PT.  First, we went and looked at my images and post-op report.  He asked me what I thought was causing my pain….I HAVE NO IDEA!!!  He agreed that everything sounds like joint, so we’re going to hit this from all angles and see what happens.  He wants me to continue the anti-inflammatory, he ordered a steroid taper, and a u/s guided steroid injection!  Merry Christmas to me!

I’m to continue PT, continue with the brace and/or crutches until the pain subsides, and see them again at 3 months (unless I need them sooner).  I left their office and headed to the hospital to pick up my steroid prescription and for some reason it didn’t come through….so I had to call and ask them to resend it!  Luckily I work at the hospital and was able to visit with my staff while I waited on their office to call me back and resend it!

I came home and have been resting the rest of the day.  The one positive that came out of today is that I am allowed to start swimming again!  No kicking, but I just need to do something…so it’s off to the pool tomorrow morning!  YAY!

Merry Christmas!


Snow Day

I am officially 29 days post-op.  I had a countdown to my surgery on my phone and it continued counting the days since surgery.  It’s on a screen I rarely look at on my phone, but there are days that I look just to see how far I’ve come!


Today I didn’t have much planned.  I planned to go to my parents house after my mom got off work to finish a project I need to have done by Thursday afternoon, but my things did not go as planned.  I woke up to a phone call from work about a change we are making that they needed clarification on.  After I got off the phone I looked outside my window and to my surprise it was snowing….and it was accumulating.  Last week at my PT appointment we discussed me starting to drive.  My PT said she was fine with me driving as long as it wasn’t snowy or icy!  Well, as the day went on the snow continued to fall.  We got between 4 or 6 inches….so that meant no driving for me!  I have PT tomorrow morning so I’m really hopeful that they have time overnight to treat and clear all the roads.

I am glad I have PT tomorrow because I need reassurance from my PT.  Over the last 4-5 days my pain on the outside of my hip has been increasing.  This is one of the locations I had pain pre-op.  I’m back to icing regularly.  If my PT isn’t sure what could be going on, I will either call my surgeon’s PA or PT after my appointment.  I see them in a week, but this pain has required me to increase my meds again and I’d like some reassurance.

We’ll see what the next few days bring!!!  Hopefully better weather 🙂


I’m officially 4 weeks!  There are days it feels that this recovery has flown by and other days it feels like forever!  I have been staying at my parents because I wasn’t allowed to drive for 4 weeks.  My parents took great care of me, but I’ve missed my house!  Today I loaded up my car with all my stuff and drove back home.  My mom followed me home to carry everything in for me!  She’s been super great….especially since this was my 4th surgery that she has taken care of me after in 18 months!

I’m not going to go crazy with the driving, only short distances….but it’s nice to be able to be able to drive!  It will help me not go to stir crazy!  We continued all the PT exercises that my surgeons PT added!  I still have good days and bad days, but I’m slowly getting better.  We did dry needling last week at PT and I’m so thankful we did!  I’ve had some pain and tenderness in my quad.  My PT decided to needle my glutes and then did some trigger point massage on my quad.  I had some crazy twitches in my glutes….deep, large responses.  It felt great…I have a weird addiction to dry needling!  It seems to help me so much!  I’m down to one crutch when I’m out and my “awesome attention drawing” brace.  I don’t ice as regularly, but I ice on the bad days.

I see my surgeon and his PT again in 10 days.  I’m looking forward to talking to him about what he actual did in the joint!  Christmas in 14 days

Busy Week

This week has been busy with appointments.  Let’s just say I’m glad I get to sleep in again tomorrow!

Monday I had PT.  I was pretty swollen from overdoing it over the weekend (and Thanksgiving).  We didn’t advance anything because I saw the PTA rather than my typical PT.  I looked at my surgeons protocol and went ahead and added a few exercises I knew were part of the 0-2 week exercises.

Tuesday I had a 7:10am dentist appointment.  After I got home I spent the rest of the day in the recliner with ice trying to get my swelling down.

Wednesday was my 2 week post-op appointment with the surgeons office.  I saw my surgeons PT first and he was very happy with my progress.  We talked about symptoms, exercises, etc and then had me hop up on the table.  He moved my hip around and was very pleased with the ROM.  He wants me to add butterfly’s (knee fall outs), short arc quad, prone hamstring curl, bridges, and hip abduction.   Even though I had a feeling what his answer would be, I asked him what he thought returning to work would look like.  He said based on how I look currently and how I’ve recovered in the past, his recommendation at this point (we’ll know more at my 6 week appointment) would be 10 weeks.  Next, Tiffany, the PA, came in to remove my stitches.  She had already talked to Dave, so she knew I was doing well so far.  We talked about recovery…still no driving until 4 weeks (which I’d expected, but decided to ask anyway).  She told me to keep doing what I’m doing and they’d see me at 6 weeks for x-rays.  I did ask for a copy of my operative report….so below are the findings!

Cam deformity of femoral head-neck junction.  Beck II classification articular cartilage softening of the anterior-superior aspect of the joint with bruising of the labrum under inferior spine.  Partial tear of ligamentum teres.