Busy Week

This week has been busy with appointments.  Let’s just say I’m glad I get to sleep in again tomorrow!

Monday I had PT.  I was pretty swollen from overdoing it over the weekend (and Thanksgiving).  We didn’t advance anything because I saw the PTA rather than my typical PT.  I looked at my surgeons protocol and went ahead and added a few exercises I knew were part of the 0-2 week exercises.

Tuesday I had a 7:10am dentist appointment.  After I got home I spent the rest of the day in the recliner with ice trying to get my swelling down.

Wednesday was my 2 week post-op appointment with the surgeons office.  I saw my surgeons PT first and he was very happy with my progress.  We talked about symptoms, exercises, etc and then had me hop up on the table.  He moved my hip around and was very pleased with the ROM.  He wants me to add butterfly’s (knee fall outs), short arc quad, prone hamstring curl, bridges, and hip abduction.   Even though I had a feeling what his answer would be, I asked him what he thought returning to work would look like.  He said based on how I look currently and how I’ve recovered in the past, his recommendation at this point (we’ll know more at my 6 week appointment) would be 10 weeks.  Next, Tiffany, the PA, came in to remove my stitches.  She had already talked to Dave, so she knew I was doing well so far.  We talked about recovery…still no driving until 4 weeks (which I’d expected, but decided to ask anyway).  She told me to keep doing what I’m doing and they’d see me at 6 weeks for x-rays.  I did ask for a copy of my operative report….so below are the findings!

Cam deformity of femoral head-neck junction.  Beck II classification articular cartilage softening of the anterior-superior aspect of the joint with bruising of the labrum under inferior spine.  Partial tear of ligamentum teres.


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