I’m officially 4 weeks!  There are days it feels that this recovery has flown by and other days it feels like forever!  I have been staying at my parents because I wasn’t allowed to drive for 4 weeks.  My parents took great care of me, but I’ve missed my house!  Today I loaded up my car with all my stuff and drove back home.  My mom followed me home to carry everything in for me!  She’s been super great….especially since this was my 4th surgery that she has taken care of me after in 18 months!

I’m not going to go crazy with the driving, only short distances….but it’s nice to be able to be able to drive!  It will help me not go to stir crazy!  We continued all the PT exercises that my surgeons PT added!  I still have good days and bad days, but I’m slowly getting better.  We did dry needling last week at PT and I’m so thankful we did!  I’ve had some pain and tenderness in my quad.  My PT decided to needle my glutes and then did some trigger point massage on my quad.  I had some crazy twitches in my glutes….deep, large responses.  It felt great…I have a weird addiction to dry needling!  It seems to help me so much!  I’m down to one crutch when I’m out and my “awesome attention drawing” brace.  I don’t ice as regularly, but I ice on the bad days.

I see my surgeon and his PT again in 10 days.  I’m looking forward to talking to him about what he actual did in the joint!  Christmas in 14 days


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