Snow Day

I am officially 29 days post-op.  I had a countdown to my surgery on my phone and it continued counting the days since surgery.  It’s on a screen I rarely look at on my phone, but there are days that I look just to see how far I’ve come!


Today I didn’t have much planned.  I planned to go to my parents house after my mom got off work to finish a project I need to have done by Thursday afternoon, but my things did not go as planned.  I woke up to a phone call from work about a change we are making that they needed clarification on.  After I got off the phone I looked outside my window and to my surprise it was snowing….and it was accumulating.  Last week at my PT appointment we discussed me starting to drive.  My PT said she was fine with me driving as long as it wasn’t snowy or icy!  Well, as the day went on the snow continued to fall.  We got between 4 or 6 inches….so that meant no driving for me!  I have PT tomorrow morning so I’m really hopeful that they have time overnight to treat and clear all the roads.

I am glad I have PT tomorrow because I need reassurance from my PT.  Over the last 4-5 days my pain on the outside of my hip has been increasing.  This is one of the locations I had pain pre-op.  I’m back to icing regularly.  If my PT isn’t sure what could be going on, I will either call my surgeon’s PA or PT after my appointment.  I see them in a week, but this pain has required me to increase my meds again and I’d like some reassurance.

We’ll see what the next few days bring!!!  Hopefully better weather 🙂


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