6 week check-up

So, today I had my 6 week checkup (I really only 5.5 weeks, but my surgeon is off next week).

Let’s back-up to the last time I wrote…I was anxiously waiting to see my PT last Wednesday.  When I saw her, she told me not to hit the panic button yet.  She spent a good portion of my appointment needling me to try and work out the trigger points.  That helped for about 24 hours, but then the pain came back.  I was glad that my next appointment with her was Monday!  I was miserable by Monday.  We needled again and did stabilization exercises.  She knew that I was going to see my surgeon today.  I could tell she was concerned, but she wasn’t specifically voicing her concerns.  When you’ve been with the same PT for so long, you start to pick up on  what they are thinking.  At my 2 week appointment with my surgeon’s PT he told me if I was still doing well to cancel the appointment.  When I mentioned this to my PT Monday, she said to definitely keep the appointment with him!  After she needled me, I could barely walk.  I was so sore!!  I almost had one of the aids go get my car because I didn’t know if i’d make it!

Fast forward to today.  I was super anxious driving to Columbus today.  I was so hopeful that the third time was a charm and my recovery was going to go smoothly, so this was definitely not the way I wanted to be at my 6 week appointment.  I was running all the scenarios through my head the whole way there!

My appointment was at 1pm.  I arrived a few minutes early and grabbed my one crutch (yes, I can’t seem to wean off of it!) and balanced a tin of peppermint fudge that I made for my surgeons team and then I headed in to see what is going on!  First off, the front desk staff was wicked excited about the fudge.  We headed to the exam room and I talked with my surgeons MA.  She marks the clipboard for the PT and surgeon with either a smiley face or a sad face based on how the patient is doing.  I was so excited to get a smiley face at my 2 week appointment because I rarely get them….and today I got a sad face!  Pretty sad 😦  Next, my surgeons PT came in the room.  He looked at me all shocked and made a comment that I was doing so well 3 weeks ago and asked what I did?!  I explained everything.   My pain is still in the outside of my hip and had migrated to the groin too….but the weird thing is that my pain happens at rest (sitting, standing, laying down) and can’t be reproduced by any action.  He agreed with my local PT that it sounded like my joint so he had me jump up on the table, but my physical exam didn’t produce any pain.  He was officially stumped.  He checked a bunch of other test….nothing triggered anything he could pinpoint!  He decided to see what my surgeon thought.

My surgeon came in and said he’d talked to his PT.  First, we went and looked at my images and post-op report.  He asked me what I thought was causing my pain….I HAVE NO IDEA!!!  He agreed that everything sounds like joint, so we’re going to hit this from all angles and see what happens.  He wants me to continue the anti-inflammatory, he ordered a steroid taper, and a u/s guided steroid injection!  Merry Christmas to me!

I’m to continue PT, continue with the brace and/or crutches until the pain subsides, and see them again at 3 months (unless I need them sooner).  I left their office and headed to the hospital to pick up my steroid prescription and for some reason it didn’t come through….so I had to call and ask them to resend it!  Luckily I work at the hospital and was able to visit with my staff while I waited on their office to call me back and resend it!

I came home and have been resting the rest of the day.  The one positive that came out of today is that I am allowed to start swimming again!  No kicking, but I just need to do something…so it’s off to the pool tomorrow morning!  YAY!

Merry Christmas!



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