PT Appointment

After my appointment with the surgeon I was feeling a little bit better that we at least had a game plan….that was until I went to PT on Friday.

There are pros and cons to going to the same place for PT for 7 years….they get to know you, but you also get to know them!  On Monday I could tell my PT was holding back about how concerned she was.  I asked her about it at my appointment Friday.  She said the word that keep repeating through her head was “revision.”  She said she dare not speak it because any thing she thinks could happen with me does!  She was happy that my surgeon prescribed a steroid taper and injection!  I told her that my dad was able to use his connections to get me in on Tuesday 🙂

My PT worked on my hip and then took me to the needling room.  Once she got working on it she commented that my hip looks way worse than it did Monday (and it didn’t look good Monday….so that wasn’t even the slightest bit reassuring)!  I had a HUGE reaction from one of the trigger points that twitched so severely it reacted all the way down to my ankle!  I am anxious and taking it easy…lots of ice and meds!

Oh AND….I am not allowed to swim yet!  Nothing until my hip calms down!!!!!!!  Sad day for me.  Hoping that it calms down soon.


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