I just realized that I hadn’t written an update!  Even though I’ve been off for 6 weeks this week between Christmas and New Year’s has me all thrown off.  I don’t know what day it is …. at least I’ve made it to all my appointments!

So, I last wrote after my PT appointment last Friday.  I’ve been taking it easy and icing a lot. I have two days left on my steroid taper and had my steroid injection on Tuesday.  I think the steroid taper is helping.  The pain is better, but not gone.

I had my ultrasound guided steroid injection on Tuesday with a different doctor than had done my previous two.  He did more diagnostic imaging prior to my injection.  He looked at my hip first, which he said was inflamed (to be expected), next he looked at my iliopsoas which was also inflamed, after that he double checked for a tear in my glute med and looked for a hernia, luckily both of those were negative.  After the diagnostic imaging he completed the injection.  He told me that if the injection into the joint doesn’t work then he could always try and do an iliopsoas injection if my surgeon wanted him to.  I emailed my surgeons PT to see what he thought, but they have been off all week so I haven’t heard back from him yet.

Today I had PT with a different PT because my usual PT is on vacation.  I’ve seen this PT before and like him.  Because I’m still inflamed he took it easy on my.  He did joint mobs, circles, and all that jazz.  He needled the crap out of my leg and it is wicked sore tonight!  He didn’t want me doing my exercises….he said he wants me to continue to keep things like and easy.  I iced and then left!  His next patient after me was also an FAI/labral patient!  It’s been interesting to see others in the clinic with the hip brace on….makes me feel like I’m not alone in this!

Here’s to another week…..I hope this inflammation goes down soon!  Happy New Year.



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