Another injection!

Today I had my third injection into my right hip.  I had one pre-op as a diagnostic injection.  I had one at 6 weeks post-op to try and get my hip to flare down and then today’s was another diagnostic injection.  My surgeon uses the same Sports Med doc for all his injection.  This is the third injection I’ve had done by him (I had one done in Dayton because I could get in quicker and on last years insurance deductible).  It’s sad when the doctor and his assistant who do the injections know you and tell you you’re an pro at this!  I payed very close attention to my symptoms on my way up to Columbus so that I could compare my symptoms to my post injection drive home.  I did have one question for my doctor.  I had read some research regarding multiple injections into the same joint causing bone softening.  I had talked to my PT about it and the research she remembered was done in shoulders, so I asked my doctor because the last thing I want to do is cause more issues in my hip.  He told me that 3is typically the max (maybe 4) into the same join over  a year period.  He told me I was fine to proceed with the injection.  The appointment/injection was very fast.  My appointment was at 2:15pm and I was back in my car on my way home by 2:35pm.  The entire outside of my thigh got numb this time, which I don’t remember happening before…so weird!

My symptoms didn’t completely go away….but here’s the breakdown.  My lateral hip pain improved by about 50%.  I didn’t have the groin pain I had been having so I was unable to compare it and the ‘hernia’ type pain (as I’m calling it) had no change.

Per my surgeons request I texted him those results and am waiting to hear back from him!  We’ll see what’s next.  I will be going back to work half days next week until we figure out what is going on and our next steps!!!



So I saw my surgeon today!  I am a very left brained individual.  To all my appointments I always take a list of questions and a list of my current PT exercise.  So after I spoke with my surgeon on Saturday I was trying to figure out the best way to make sure I communicated all my issues to him.  This is what  I came up with….


My printer isn’t working, so I traced the diagrams on to a piece of paper….on the back is a list of my questions and current PT exercises.  This helped me organize my thoughts.

I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again.  I LOVE MY SURGEON!  He truly cares!  I went ahead and went to my PT appointment this morning because I was her first patient at 8am and I wanted to create a game plan for my visit with my surgeon.  I also created a list of questions for my PT.  She and I decided we thought I do in fact have a hernia.  So, we took it easy and needled.  I decided to head up to Columbus early to run a few errands.  There is a store that we don’t have in Dayton that I wanted to go to and then decided that the other stops I needed to make were in closer proximity so it was just easier.  I ended up getting to the office early.  I went ahead and went in.  They got in me to x-ray right away.  My surgeons coordinator came right over to let me know she called down to surgery and it was going to be 15-20 minutes until he was done.  I had a book and I knew he was in OR so I was fine waiting.  My surgeon came in and we started going going through symptoms and he started moving my leg around.  He said to me, man you’re a hard case.  At this point he doesn’t know what is going on….so the game plan is to have another injection.  He wants me to flare up my hip before the injection and then text him afterwards and let him know the results.  If my pain goes away we’ll figure out if that means a revision or what.  If it doesn’t help then he wants me to see the hernia specialist!  So, basically I hope to know more on Friday.  I’m hoping that stopping PT will be the easy answer…but I don’t think that’s going to be the answer.  I’m hoping I don’t have another surgery in my future.

The hardest part about pausing PT is that it feels like a breakup from a long-term relationship.  I have been at this PT office for 7 yrs and I’ve been going straight for more than 2 years.  They’ve become family…..My PT has become more of my counselor than my therapist.  She keeps me sane!  We may still needle….just to keep me from going crazy!

Here’s to another injection!!



This has been the most emotional week I’ve had in a long time!  I think four surgeries and a total of 33 weeks over the last 20 months can really get to you!  I cried more this week than I think I have in my adulthood.  Between the pain and not knowing what is causing it and knowing that my return to work date is looming closer, I lost it!

Luckily I have a wonderful family who understands what is going on….I also have a very understanding PT who has gotten many crazy texts this week and she is always there to calm me down and guide me in the right direction.

As of last night, the pain got to me too much and I decided to email my surgeon.  I didn’t want to be ‘that’ patient and I didn’t want to bother him, but I had already talked to his PA and my PT had talked to his PT.  I decided it was worth a shot.  So, at 10:30pm I emailed my surgeon a synopsis of what’s been going on.  I got a response this morning at 9:30am that stated ‘Can I call you?’  He called me about 15 minutes later.  I apologized for bothering him and he reassured me that he needs to know what’s going on.  We discussed my symptoms and what’s going on.  He thought it would be best if I see him this week.  He asked me if I could come up Monday.  I’ll admit I was surprised because his clinic days are Wednesday/Thursday.  He is in OR all day on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.  He said he didn’t want to wait until Wednesday.  So, I will be seeing him on Monday at 3pm (or whatever time he gets out of OR).  I have always loved my surgeon.  He is so caring and compassionate.  He never rushes you and spends the time needed with each patient.  I was very anxious and worried all week.  I feel much better at least knowing that I will be seeing him Monday and we can work on figuring this all out!!!  I am so thankful for all the people in my life who care about me even in my craziness!!!

Day 65- Complicated Patient

My surgery was a little over 9 weeks ago…..!  As I mentioned in my post on Monday we’re still trying to figure out where the pain I’m having on the outside of my hip and in my groin are coming from.  The injection I had 3 weeks ago hasn’t changed anything.  Prednisone helped, but that’s not a long term solution.

I did hear back from my surgeons PA yesterday morning.  We discussed my symptoms, but I don’t present like a textbook iliopsoas case.  I asked my PT to follow up with my surgeons PT to see if they could come up with anything.  She heard back from him this morning, but we’re waiting on my surgeons input!  So, the waiting game continues…..and my return to work gets closer.  T-minus 7 business days!


It’s been an interesting few days.  At my PT appointment on Friday we went full force with the dry needling.  Iliopsoas tendon, quads, hamstrings, adductor, and probably others….!  This was a ‘Hail Mary’…!  We’ve pretty much stopped all other therapy….we’ve been focusing at getting my pain down and glut exercises to try and get my strength back since I go back to work in 2 weeks!  Eek.  I also got the ALL CLEAR to go swimming.  She said that not doing anything wasn’t helping so we might as well try it since it would give me great joy to be able to do SOMETHING!  I waiting until yesterday because my quad was super sore after our Hail Mary needling session!  I felt like it went pretty well…!  Not bad for my first swim since September.

Fast forward to PT today…..pretty similar to Friday.  Lots of needling, glut exercises, reformer, and bike.  During my needling of the iliopsoas I asked my PT if she felt an injection into the tendon would be helpful.  She did!  So, after I left PT….I called the surgeons office to see what they thought.  Today was a surgery day for my surgeon/PA so I’m still waiting to hear back from them.  Hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow!  If they have questions I’ll have my PT call!  Now back to my regularly scheduled programming (AKA: couch and tv!).

8 Days of Whole30

Ok….so I haven’t been able to keep up on AIP, but I have stuck with whole30 guidelines.  I can’t give up peppers (bell peppers, seasonings like paprika, pepper, cumin, etc).  I am on day 8 of whole30.  For those of you who have never heard of whole30….it’s no sugar, dairy, gluten, grains.  I have modified it a little for myself…no eggs, coconut for me (allergies).  Cravings are gone.  I’ve been very satisfied with my meals of meat/veggies!  For breakfast I’ve had a hash of brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, apples, and sausage.  Lunch has been either shredded brussels sprout salad with a citrus vinaigrette and chicken or kale/shredded broccoli blend salad with garlic vinaigrette and Aidell’s chicken apple sausage.  Dinner has been either beef stroganoff, the chicken dish I last posted, flank steak, taco salad with a variety of sides (cauliflower rice, butternut squash, sweet potato noodles, green beans).  My favorite find has been my after dinner treat of a hot cup of Choffy or Crio Bru.  It’s ground cacao beans brewed like coffee.  With a little flaxseed milk it tastes close to hot cocoa.  I’m in love….I’ve had to limit myself….I’m waiting on my shipment, it was supposed to be here today.  I’m out so hopefully it shows tomorrow!  I plan to continue this for hopefully 100 days.  I hope it will decrease my inflammation and hopefully I can shed a few pounds that I’ve gained over the last 4 surgeries.

Now on to my hip drama.  I had a semi-meltdown yesterday.  Luckily my PT talked me down.  Let’s backup to my last post.  I heard back from my surgeons PT who wasn’t too concerned.  He said to give the injection another week (he said that some patients report not seeing improvements until 2 weeks).  He said to stay the course, not change my exercises.  He also said not to ramp up on exercises for awhile.  He said to have my local PT re-evaluate and see if she felt the psoas was involved.  My regular PT was back on Monday and she wanted to try everything she could think of to try and help me!  So, she did some SERIOUS needling!!    And by serious I mean like 20-30 needles.  My PT had a student with her (who has been in the clinic before) and they had another student with another PT, but he is doing his independent study on dry needling so he wanted to see some of the techniques that my PT was using.  So, I had an audience for my dry needling.  We started with my glut, moved on to my psoas, iliacus, obliques, quad, and adductor.  While my PT was getting ready and grabbing the correct needles I asked the one student if he knew my history, he didn’t so I explained everything.  When I got done he asked if I had a medical background.  He said I explained everything so detailed with medical terminology.  I told him yes I do have a medical background (dietitian), but also I have done a TON of research and have talked to a lot of people about it!  The rest of my PT appointment went normally.

Fast forward to yesterday and my meltdown!  I was in a lot of pain! Tramadol didn’t touch it and neither did dilaudid.  I took a hot bath with epsom salts too….nothing was working.  I sent my PT a message asking her what she specifically needled and if my psoas was ‘angry’ because I couldn’t remember and I was planning on either calling my surgeons PA or PT, but wanted to know the the specific before I called.  Through our messaging and my semi-freaking out she asked many questions and reassured me that she feels this is all muscle related.  Told me to use the topical NSAID and take a muscle relaxer and she would focus on some of my ‘angry’ trigger points again to try and get them to calm down.  She’ll try her ‘Hail Mary’ on Friday!   She wants me to continue butt exercises.  She gave me her cell phone number to text her if I’m freaking out again!  She knows me so well….and knows how to calm me down.  Today is better with the muscle relaxer and topical NSAID!  We’ll see how Friday goes!


Another PT appointment.  My pain hasn’t really changed after the injection.  The prednisone helped the pain, but I haven’t noticed any further improvement since the injection a week ago.  I am waiting on an email response from my surgeon’s PT…today was their first day back in the office after the holiday.  I’ll call Friday if I haven’t heard back from him.  I’m wondering if I should go ahead and schedule an injection into my iliopsoas.  We needled again today and got some wicked reactions!  I’m expecting to be very sore tomorrow!  We did light activities today after PT.  Bridges and reformer.  That’s about all.  PT again on Thursday.

Today started AIP.  I didn’t get to the grocery until after PT, so my morning choices weren’t great.  Dinner tonight was super easy.  One pot meal of chicken, bacon, and green beans!  Yummy!!!