8 Days of Whole30

Ok….so I haven’t been able to keep up on AIP, but I have stuck with whole30 guidelines.  I can’t give up peppers (bell peppers, seasonings like paprika, pepper, cumin, etc).  I am on day 8 of whole30.  For those of you who have never heard of whole30….it’s no sugar, dairy, gluten, grains.  I have modified it a little for myself…no eggs, coconut for me (allergies).  Cravings are gone.  I’ve been very satisfied with my meals of meat/veggies!  For breakfast I’ve had a hash of brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, apples, and sausage.  Lunch has been either shredded brussels sprout salad with a citrus vinaigrette and chicken or kale/shredded broccoli blend salad with garlic vinaigrette and Aidell’s chicken apple sausage.  Dinner has been either beef stroganoff, the chicken dish I last posted, flank steak, taco salad with a variety of sides (cauliflower rice, butternut squash, sweet potato noodles, green beans).  My favorite find has been my after dinner treat of a hot cup of Choffy or Crio Bru.  It’s ground cacao beans brewed like coffee.  With a little flaxseed milk it tastes close to hot cocoa.  I’m in love….I’ve had to limit myself….I’m waiting on my shipment, it was supposed to be here today.  I’m out so hopefully it shows tomorrow!  I plan to continue this for hopefully 100 days.  I hope it will decrease my inflammation and hopefully I can shed a few pounds that I’ve gained over the last 4 surgeries.

Now on to my hip drama.  I had a semi-meltdown yesterday.  Luckily my PT talked me down.  Let’s backup to my last post.  I heard back from my surgeons PT who wasn’t too concerned.  He said to give the injection another week (he said that some patients report not seeing improvements until 2 weeks).  He said to stay the course, not change my exercises.  He also said not to ramp up on exercises for awhile.  He said to have my local PT re-evaluate and see if she felt the psoas was involved.  My regular PT was back on Monday and she wanted to try everything she could think of to try and help me!  So, she did some SERIOUS needling!!    And by serious I mean like 20-30 needles.  My PT had a student with her (who has been in the clinic before) and they had another student with another PT, but he is doing his independent study on dry needling so he wanted to see some of the techniques that my PT was using.  So, I had an audience for my dry needling.  We started with my glut, moved on to my psoas, iliacus, obliques, quad, and adductor.  While my PT was getting ready and grabbing the correct needles I asked the one student if he knew my history, he didn’t so I explained everything.  When I got done he asked if I had a medical background.  He said I explained everything so detailed with medical terminology.  I told him yes I do have a medical background (dietitian), but also I have done a TON of research and have talked to a lot of people about it!  The rest of my PT appointment went normally.

Fast forward to yesterday and my meltdown!  I was in a lot of pain! Tramadol didn’t touch it and neither did dilaudid.  I took a hot bath with epsom salts too….nothing was working.  I sent my PT a message asking her what she specifically needled and if my psoas was ‘angry’ because I couldn’t remember and I was planning on either calling my surgeons PA or PT, but wanted to know the the specific before I called.  Through our messaging and my semi-freaking out she asked many questions and reassured me that she feels this is all muscle related.  Told me to use the topical NSAID and take a muscle relaxer and she would focus on some of my ‘angry’ trigger points again to try and get them to calm down.  She’ll try her ‘Hail Mary’ on Friday!   She wants me to continue butt exercises.  She gave me her cell phone number to text her if I’m freaking out again!  She knows me so well….and knows how to calm me down.  Today is better with the muscle relaxer and topical NSAID!  We’ll see how Friday goes!


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