It’s been an interesting few days.  At my PT appointment on Friday we went full force with the dry needling.  Iliopsoas tendon, quads, hamstrings, adductor, and probably others….!  This was a ‘Hail Mary’…!  We’ve pretty much stopped all other therapy….we’ve been focusing at getting my pain down and glut exercises to try and get my strength back since I go back to work in 2 weeks!  Eek.  I also got the ALL CLEAR to go swimming.  She said that not doing anything wasn’t helping so we might as well try it since it would give me great joy to be able to do SOMETHING!  I waiting until yesterday because my quad was super sore after our Hail Mary needling session!  I felt like it went pretty well…!  Not bad for my first swim since September.

Fast forward to PT today…..pretty similar to Friday.  Lots of needling, glut exercises, reformer, and bike.  During my needling of the iliopsoas I asked my PT if she felt an injection into the tendon would be helpful.  She did!  So, after I left PT….I called the surgeons office to see what they thought.  Today was a surgery day for my surgeon/PA so I’m still waiting to hear back from them.  Hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow!  If they have questions I’ll have my PT call!  Now back to my regularly scheduled programming (AKA: couch and tv!).


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