So I saw my surgeon today!  I am a very left brained individual.  To all my appointments I always take a list of questions and a list of my current PT exercise.  So after I spoke with my surgeon on Saturday I was trying to figure out the best way to make sure I communicated all my issues to him.  This is what  I came up with….


My printer isn’t working, so I traced the diagrams on to a piece of paper….on the back is a list of my questions and current PT exercises.  This helped me organize my thoughts.

I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again.  I LOVE MY SURGEON!  He truly cares!  I went ahead and went to my PT appointment this morning because I was her first patient at 8am and I wanted to create a game plan for my visit with my surgeon.  I also created a list of questions for my PT.  She and I decided we thought I do in fact have a hernia.  So, we took it easy and needled.  I decided to head up to Columbus early to run a few errands.  There is a store that we don’t have in Dayton that I wanted to go to and then decided that the other stops I needed to make were in closer proximity so it was just easier.  I ended up getting to the office early.  I went ahead and went in.  They got in me to x-ray right away.  My surgeons coordinator came right over to let me know she called down to surgery and it was going to be 15-20 minutes until he was done.  I had a book and I knew he was in OR so I was fine waiting.  My surgeon came in and we started going going through symptoms and he started moving my leg around.  He said to me, man you’re a hard case.  At this point he doesn’t know what is going on….so the game plan is to have another injection.  He wants me to flare up my hip before the injection and then text him afterwards and let him know the results.  If my pain goes away we’ll figure out if that means a revision or what.  If it doesn’t help then he wants me to see the hernia specialist!  So, basically I hope to know more on Friday.  I’m hoping that stopping PT will be the easy answer…but I don’t think that’s going to be the answer.  I’m hoping I don’t have another surgery in my future.

The hardest part about pausing PT is that it feels like a breakup from a long-term relationship.  I have been at this PT office for 7 yrs and I’ve been going straight for more than 2 years.  They’ve become family…..My PT has become more of my counselor than my therapist.  She keeps me sane!  We may still needle….just to keep me from going crazy!

Here’s to another injection!!



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