Another injection!

Today I had my third injection into my right hip.  I had one pre-op as a diagnostic injection.  I had one at 6 weeks post-op to try and get my hip to flare down and then today’s was another diagnostic injection.  My surgeon uses the same Sports Med doc for all his injection.  This is the third injection I’ve had done by him (I had one done in Dayton because I could get in quicker and on last years insurance deductible).  It’s sad when the doctor and his assistant who do the injections know you and tell you you’re an pro at this!  I payed very close attention to my symptoms on my way up to Columbus so that I could compare my symptoms to my post injection drive home.  I did have one question for my doctor.  I had read some research regarding multiple injections into the same joint causing bone softening.  I had talked to my PT about it and the research she remembered was done in shoulders, so I asked my doctor because the last thing I want to do is cause more issues in my hip.  He told me that 3is typically the max (maybe 4) into the same join over  a year period.  He told me I was fine to proceed with the injection.  The appointment/injection was very fast.  My appointment was at 2:15pm and I was back in my car on my way home by 2:35pm.  The entire outside of my thigh got numb this time, which I don’t remember happening before…so weird!

My symptoms didn’t completely go away….but here’s the breakdown.  My lateral hip pain improved by about 50%.  I didn’t have the groin pain I had been having so I was unable to compare it and the ‘hernia’ type pain (as I’m calling it) had no change.

Per my surgeons request I texted him those results and am waiting to hear back from him!  We’ll see what’s next.  I will be going back to work half days next week until we figure out what is going on and our next steps!!!


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