Post-op day: 101
Days until hernia repair: 6

Today I had two follow-up appointments in Columbus.  The first appointment was for a glute med injection.  I saw the Sports Med doc again as a follow-up and he injected my tendinitis with an anti-inflammatory medication.  He wants to see me again in two weeks and we can adjust the injections placement if needed.

My next appointment was with my OS.  He had referred me to the Sports Med, so for the most point he knew what was going on.  He suspected the hernia when I saw him 4 weeks ago, so he wasn’t surprised, but his reaction was priceless.  I love how down to earth my OS is!!  We went on to discuss my current symptoms and my appointments with the Sports Med and General Surgeon.  He was happy that we have figured out where my symptoms are coming from and hopeful that the injection and hernia repair (w/ tenonomy) will reduce my pain and overall symptoms.  Since my “hip” symptoms are improved and ROM and strength are good…he has signed off.  He wants me to keep him posted with how I’m doing (regarding injection/surgery).  So, it was a bittersweet day….I truly LOVE my surgeon and his entire office!  My overall journey is not over yet…. but  since my  “hip” journey is over….here is the review I wrote on their Facebook page…I was very reflective on my hour drive home.




Holy flare-up batman!  I am tired of talking about my hips!  It’s almost been 2 years of hip drama.  Yesterday and today have not been fun.  I started full days at work this week and it has taken a toll on me.  I spent Valentine’s evening on the couch either icing or using the TENS unit.

I taped my leg with kinesology tape today.  Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, but I’m still hurting.  I’m hoping the injection and hernia repair take away the pain!!!  I just want to move on from this hip saga!!!

Day 88

It’s been 88 days since my hip surgery.  I have been back to work 2 weeks (half days).  PT continues at full steam ahead to get me as strong as possible before my hernia surgery.

I heard back from the Sports Med doc on Wednesday.  He wants to do an anti-inflammatory injection.  The injection is scheduled for February 23rd (the same day I follow-up with my OS).  I also scheduled my hernia surgery….it will be March 1st.  I am hoping to only take a week off work, but we’ll see.

My new favorite thing is my TENS unit.  I think the reason I like it so much is that it reminds me of dry needling.


Injection: 13 days

Hernia repair: 19 days

Glut Med Tendinopathy

Another drive to Columbus today….I’m starting to think that I need to get a place in Columbus.  Between all my specialists and sailing at Hoover from May to November I make a lot of trips to Columbus.

Now back to today’s trip….Today I saw the sports med specialist.  I am thankful for the way all three of my docs work together!  So, I went through my history and he did the typical hip pain exam.  He told me what everyone else has….my ROM and strength are great.  Yes, I am aware, lol….but I’m still in pain.  He asked me how much time I had (since I drove up from Dayton he wanted to save me another trip).  He went out and talked to one of their PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) docs.  He specializes in musculoskeletal ultrasound.  I was able to see him today and he did a complete ultrasound.  He found some tendinopathy on my adductor longus (which we knew), some inflammation on my rectus femoris, and the major finding of glut med tendinopathy.  After he completed the ultrasound he and the sports med doc came back in the room and they went over the images again.  Because of the abnormal findings on my glut med it was decided to do a diagnostic injection to see if this is the source of my pain because my pain referral pattern is not typical (go figure).  He injected me with lidocaine and wanted me to pay attention to my symptoms and then email him my results.  I emailed him this evening….hopefully I will hear back from him tomorrow with our “plan of care!”  He said he’d email my OS’ PT….so maybe i’ll hear from him too!

1 step forward, 2 steps back

So, I went started back to work yesterday….half days!  It went well, but I was very sore and tired when I got home.  I spent the rest of the evening in my ice machines.  I had PT before work and we are changing our approach to get me stronger (which is very important based on what I found out today!).

So, I’ve had another set back!

I heard from my surgeon on Sunday.  Since I only got about 50% relief of my symptoms, he didn’t feel that my issues are coming from my joint.  He suggested I see another specialist in town.  He is a primary care sports doctor.  I see him next week to see if we can figure out my lateral pain.  In the meantime I decided to see if how long it would take to get in to see the surgeon who did my hernia repair.  I called yesterday and surprisingly they could see me today.  My plan was to see the sports doc and then see the hernia surgeon, but since I could get in today….I took it.

His cases ran late this morning, so he was running about 90 minutes behind.   If you remember I saw him before my hip surgery because I really wanted to makes sure I knew what I was getting in to… that point I didn’t have one.

He walked in my room, just shaking his head.  He told me he saw my name on his schedule and really hoped it wasn’t another hernia.  We talked through what’s been going on and then he examined me.  Yep!  Another hernia.  This one is more distinct than my last one and I have the adductor tendiopathy too!  He wants to do the same thing we did on the left side….laparscopic repair w/ adductor needle tenotomy.  We didn’t schedule it because I need to talk to work and my PT.  She didn’t want me to schedule right away because she wants to give me a few weeks of intensive strength building to get me stronger before I have another surgery.

I am trying to wrap my head around this!  This will be my 5th surgery in <2 years.  I have to figure out the timing.