Glut Med Tendinopathy

Another drive to Columbus today….I’m starting to think that I need to get a place in Columbus.  Between all my specialists and sailing at Hoover from May to November I make a lot of trips to Columbus.

Now back to today’s trip….Today I saw the sports med specialist.  I am thankful for the way all three of my docs work together!  So, I went through my history and he did the typical hip pain exam.  He told me what everyone else has….my ROM and strength are great.  Yes, I am aware, lol….but I’m still in pain.  He asked me how much time I had (since I drove up from Dayton he wanted to save me another trip).  He went out and talked to one of their PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) docs.  He specializes in musculoskeletal ultrasound.  I was able to see him today and he did a complete ultrasound.  He found some tendinopathy on my adductor longus (which we knew), some inflammation on my rectus femoris, and the major finding of glut med tendinopathy.  After he completed the ultrasound he and the sports med doc came back in the room and they went over the images again.  Because of the abnormal findings on my glut med it was decided to do a diagnostic injection to see if this is the source of my pain because my pain referral pattern is not typical (go figure).  He injected me with lidocaine and wanted me to pay attention to my symptoms and then email him my results.  I emailed him this evening….hopefully I will hear back from him tomorrow with our “plan of care!”  He said he’d email my OS’ PT….so maybe i’ll hear from him too!


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