Post-op day: 101
Days until hernia repair: 6

Today I had two follow-up appointments in Columbus.  The first appointment was for a glute med injection.  I saw the Sports Med doc again as a follow-up and he injected my tendinitis with an anti-inflammatory medication.  He wants to see me again in two weeks and we can adjust the injections placement if needed.

My next appointment was with my OS.  He had referred me to the Sports Med, so for the most point he knew what was going on.  He suspected the hernia when I saw him 4 weeks ago, so he wasn’t surprised, but his reaction was priceless.  I love how down to earth my OS is!!  We went on to discuss my current symptoms and my appointments with the Sports Med and General Surgeon.  He was happy that we have figured out where my symptoms are coming from and hopeful that the injection and hernia repair (w/ tenonomy) will reduce my pain and overall symptoms.  Since my “hip” symptoms are improved and ROM and strength are good…he has signed off.  He wants me to keep him posted with how I’m doing (regarding injection/surgery).  So, it was a bittersweet day….I truly LOVE my surgeon and his entire office!  My overall journey is not over yet…. but  since my  “hip” journey is over….here is the review I wrote on their Facebook page…I was very reflective on my hour drive home.



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