POD #2 & 3

POD #2 I was able to sleep in bed all night again!  Yay!!!  I also took a shower this morning.  It’s amazing how a shower can feel so refreshing!  I spent the rest of the day watching TV and hanging in the recliner.  I did take a 2 hour nap.   Pain wise things are about the same.  The ilioinguinal block is starting to wear off, but I can tell that it’s still helping to reduce the pain.

POD #3 I didn’t take any Norco last night, which made for a semi-rough evening.  I tossed and turned (as much as possible) most of the night.  Having to lay on my back has not been fun.  I was always a stomach sleeper until all of my hip issues and I became a side sleeper.  Last night I attempted to shift to my side and was only slightly successful.  At one point as I was shifting I got a searing pain where I would assume the hernia was….it didn’t last long, but it was intense!

The searing pain continues! I’ve been trying get to wean off of the norco and just use ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but then I make a wrong move and I get an intense searing pain (in the exact spot of the hernia). As long as I do think move or get up I’m fine….but that doesn’t work.  I’ve spaced the norco out closer to 6 hours rather than 4. I’m not sure how sleeping is going to go tonight.  Getting in to bed I had the pain. So, I have propped pillows up in hopes of preventing me from tossing and turning tonight! I’m hoping I can sleep! More on that tomorrow!


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