Back to work

I returned to work yesterday!  Overall it was a good day.  The walk to my office from the parking garage is long!  I don’t typically mind it, but yesterday (and today) it felt extremely far away!  We had 3 call-offs so I wanted to help very badly, but resisted!  I did attempt to hang out in my office and catch-up, somehow I managed to walk 7500 steps.  By lunch, I was very sore and tired, but I held out until 3:45pm before I had to give in and head home.  Once I got home I started icing immediately!  I took a short nap and then reheated dinner from my meal prep on Sunday.

I overslept this morning.  I was tired and sore from Monday.  I got to work about 8:45am and luckily our staffing was better today.  I had a few meetings today and was able to stay in my office most of the day.  I caught up on a lot of paperwork and emails from last week!  I was sore and achy today, but since I stayed in my office most of the day I was able to make it until 4:30pm.  I walked less than yesterday, only 5000 steps today!  I got home and made dinner and have been icing since.  I plan to continue to ice until I go to bed….which will be early tonight as I’m exhausted!


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