2 weeks

Today I am officially 2 weeks post-op.  Yesterday I mentioned that my walk from my car to my office is long…it is 675 steps (or ~1/3 mile).  I told on of my friends in the office today that I felt like I had run a marathon by the time I got to my office.  I was truly exhausted!  I spent most of my day either in meetings or in my office.  I was very sore and achy today and my mood reflected that.  My typical cheery mood and jovial demeanor was pretty flat today, which meant my patience with certain members of my team was limited!  I worked a full day (plus some).  I left at 5pm to run home before I met my parents, sister, nephews, and my uncle for dinner at 6pm.

We rarely see my mom’s brother.  He lives in North Carolina and flew in to town for business.  We met him for dinner since he was in the area.  It was good to see him and catch up.  It meant that I didn’t get to ice at ll tonight 😦  It was 9pm by the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED!  I put laundry in the dryer so I would have something to wear tomorrow.  I sat down to watch a little TV and rest….and then it was to bed!

As I got ready for bed, I noticed how super swollen I am! It feels like a huge knot when I sit down! Hopefully that doesn’t mean tomorrow is going to be rough!


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