Crazy Week!

I’ve honestly lost track as to where I’m at….luckily I have a counter app on my phone!

146 days since hip surgery (almost 5 months)
39 days since hernia repair (almost 6 weeks)

Last week was intense!  We had the grand opening of our new Cafe AND we had a survey team in….that meant a crazy amount of steps for me!  I worked a few hours on Sunday to try to get ahead, but that didn’t work very well for me because I still took 17,738 steps on Monday.   That was by far the furthest distance since before my surgery in November….if not longer!  I worked long days (mostly 10 hour days) and then had to go in on Saturday for a “Disaster.”  We had a flood from a broken sprinkler head.  It was a MESS!  I ended up going in to help move furniture/equipment in to storage so they could start the remediation.  My week totaled out at 74,248.  My body held up fairly well.  I was exhausted and was back to taking my Tylenol and Tramadol combo.  I took a few hot Epsom salt baths.  I also was in bed very early.  My knee decided to join the party.  At PT Friday, Wendy told me that she wasn’t surprised my knee was bothering me.  Due to my lack of glut med activation, my IT band was compensating.  The IT inserts into the knee in the exact spot that I am having pain.  I’m back to icing… knee!  I still don’t have feeling back….but the glue came off! I see Dr. Ruane on Tuesday….hoping he may have some ideas for the IT, glut med, knee issue!  The saga continues!!!!!!!

I’m almost 6 weeks (Wednesday)….so I am clear to start swimming and we can start increasing my “exercises” at PT!  YAY!!!


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