154 days since hip surgery
47 days since hernia repair

I’m behind on my update.  Work has been crazy and I’ve been exhausted by the time I get home.  Last Tuesday I saw Dr. Ruane.  As I said in my last post, my IT band and where it inserts in my knee has really been bothering me.  Dr. Ruane didn’t want to do another injection until I have some time to really rehab my IT issue.  I finally hit 6 weeks last Wednesday, so I can finally start rehabing my hernia, hip, IT, etc.  At PT last Friday I was a mess.  No starting exercises because it took my whole appointment to get me back in place.  I had a large innominate dysfunction.  I took 3 different techniques (5 total attempts) to get my pelvis back in place.  I can’t remember what else was funky, but I know we needled and had a rib out…mostly my typical issues!  After my PT appointment we went to the Zoo!


Today we resumed two sessions per week.  I started having some pain on my left side yesterday after I mowed the lawn and it concerned me.  At PT this morning we did my exercises and fixed my pelvis/back first before our needling adventures.  My innominate wasn’t as bad today, but it was still there!  Wendy wants me to go back to wearing my brace and doing a self correction every day until we can get me “stiffer.”  Needling-wise  she did my obique, IT, adductor, gluts.  Some on both sides, some on just one side.  We found that my left side is wicked weak (almost more than my right).  So, I have a long rehab road ahead of me!!!


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