6+ months

I’m almost 7 months post-op  from my hip surgery (210 days post hip, 103 post hernia).

I’d been doing fairly well and we’d been progressing slowly until the last 10 days or so.  My PT had been on vacation and today was my first session back with her in two weeks.  She was in one of the clinic rooms with the curtain pulled when I got to the clinic today.  She heard me talking to one of the aides and could tell by the tone of my voice that something was wrong.  She walked out of the room and asked if we needed to hit the panic button.  I just laughed because I didn’t know how she knew!  She just had a feeling.  So she re-evaled me and was concerned.  I was super swollen, had lateral and groin pain with pinching with internal rotation.  She did some soft tissue work and then dry needled.  Then she packed me in ice.  She said that she was going to call my surgeon.

It’s now 8:15pm and she’s left him a message and said she’d email him later this evening after she gets the kids to sleep!

Fingers are crossed nothing happened and I don’t need the dreaded “R” word (revision).

UPDATE: My PT spoke with my surgeon today.  I’m seeing him tomorrow morning at 7:15am!!!


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