Debbie Downer

I am having an emotional day!  Typically when ‘something happens’ my PT has time to mentally prepare me before she hits the ‘panic button.’  This time that didn’t happen.  She took one look at me Monday and called my surgeon immediately.  Monday I couldn’t grasp what was going on.  I have been through 5 surgeries in 2 years and I really thought I was close to being done with all this hip drama.

I saw my wonderful surgeon this morning.  He doesn’t know what’s going on, but we have a plan.  He prescribed a steroid taper.  I am to call the office after the steroid taper if the pain hasn’t gone away.  If that happens we’ll do a local injection (I have already had 3 steroid injections into the joint in the last 6 months).  He really tried to improve my outlook, but I’ll be really honest…..I’m panicking!  I have been off 9 months in the last 2 years…..I can’t do this again!  He said that the steroid taper has a 50/50 chance of working.  I’m scared.

My PT worked on me this afternoon.  I was more swollen today than I was Monday….not good! She spent time with me trying to reassure me.  Today was a day that reality hit.  This ‘set-back’ has hit me harder than any of my others!  More than the revision, more than both hernias, more than the right side!  I am so done.  I put my brace, crutches, and ice machines in storage!

More to come when I have news.


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