Lymphatic Overload

I woke up Wednesday feeling like I had run a marathon or been hit by a bus!  I went to PT that morning and my PT said I was very ‘boggy’.  She said I had fluid EVERYWHERE.  She tried to do some lymphatic massage, but she was afraid to treat me otherwise.  She didn’t want to do any dry needling or anything else because my system was already overloaded!  She called in a favor from her massage therapist.  Unfortunately her friend was out of town, but she was able to give me a name of another massage therapist.  I was able to get in to see her that evening.  It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced, but it ended up being wicked beneficial.

My PT warned me that it is a unique experience, but it was definitely more extreme than I anticipated.  She described it as Kebler elves doing a very gentle massage.  Which is very true….but it is the gentlest touch ever along the lymphatic system with two fingers.

I’m glad I was able to get in because we left for vacation two days later and I had no remaining lymphatic symptoms.


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