We just got back from a family vacation to Lake Michigan.  My parents, sister, and two nephews (5, 2.5 yrs old).


I finished my prednisone taper on our first day of vacation!  I will be honest that the prednisone did help while I was on it, but it didn’t last.  Sunday was spent at a local Farmers Market, a picnic, and a local small zoo.  On Monday we did the three Dune Challenge at the Indiana Dunes and some time at the beach.  By Tuesday morning I was miserable!  I called Dr. Ellis’ office to get an order and schedule an injection to start the diagnostic process.  The doctor that typically does my injections is out of town for a few weeks and I wouldn’t be able to get in until the end of July, so I decided to have a local doctor do the injection.

On Tuesday we went kayaking.  My parents and I all have our own kayaks which we took and my sister rented one.  My 5 year nephew sat between my legs and my 2 year old nephew sat on my sisters lap.  Half way through the paddle, my 2 year old nephew fell asleep.  The paddle was absolutely beautiful!


Wednesday we spent time at the beach and flew a kite.  Thursday we went to a splash pad for the boys and then the farmers market.  Friday we took the train into Chicago to Shedd’s Aquarium.  The train ride was about 1.5 hours.  The boys did well!  One of my favorite pics from the trip is my 5 year old nephew with my phone directing us where to go via google maps walking directions.  He did a fantastic job….I was suprised I didn’t have to correct him at all!!  A new generation!


It was a busy week!  I am exhausted and my hip is sore and tired.   I spent all of Monday resting….slept in and napped on the couch! I am back to icing and e-stim again!

I can’t wait to see my PT on Wednesday!!!



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